Chapter I. Third Reich Pilgrim: Heidelberg “Thing” Site

In the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, on the summit of Heiligenberg, north of Heidelberg old town, on the opposite side of the Neckar River remains the architectonic ruins of a large stone amphitheatre, that was named by Joseph Goebbels – “Thingstatte” or “Thing” site. The site was constructed between 1934 and 1935 by the Reichsarbeitsdienst (State Labour Service) and students from the University of Heidelberg. The Thingstatte is an open-air theater taking its orientation from the “Ding” or “Thing” which was the name of the old Germanic, English, Celtic and Nordic sites that were used for the gathering of tribes and communities, this was the origin of the Third Reich term “Thing”, a unique National Socialist form of outdoor court and theatre conceived by Joseph Goebbels as part of the Blut und Boden (Blood & Soil) ideology, Joseph Goebbels was in fact a Philosophy graduate from Heidelberg University, so the Heidelberg “Thing” has special significance. There were some 1200 planned Thingstatte of which only about 40 were constructed. In old Norse, Old English, Icelandic, Germanic and Celtic “Thing” is a place of assembly, a gathering place for free people of the land. A place designated for the practice of law, the resolution of disputes, the making of political decisions, presentation of public displays, performance of ceremony and rituals, trade and festival. Before international humanitarian Democratic Parliaments,  Judaic Masonic courthouses and World Banking Oligarchy there were Thing sites, which were not always stone built amphitheatres but could also be a simple forest clearing or common field. To this day the parliaments of Iceland, Norway and Denmark all have names that incorporate “thing”:

  • Alpingi       –  The Icelandic “General Thing”
  • Falketing   –  The Danish “Thing of the People”
  • Storting     –  The Norwegian “Great Thing”

Similar etymology for “Thing” can be found in several European territories and languages. The word itself deriving from folk and community meetings was extended to the object under consideration, and its meaning over time became more and more generalized. Today, a “thing” can be almost anything. A meeting of a folk for the purpose of discussing legal matters in ancient German was known as a Taething. Taethingen or taethigen meant “to advise,” and from this the German word taedigen meaning “to hold a long discourse” developed. Even the word Vortaethinger (in High german Verteidiger) originally meant an advocate who represented the case of his friend at the taething, the latter of which was not as adept at long-winded discourse. The Taething was a public forum, but only those of the same folk could be present, those in attendance stood in a circle around the “lawgiver” or judge and the parties concerned. They were able to freely voice their opinions and exercise their duty to the folk. The participating public onlookers were called Umstaende (In High German, Umstehenden, those who stand around.) The lawgiver was obliged to take their opinions into consideration. A deformed vestige of this custom can be found in today’s juries. Hence the expression “under the circumstances he could not have judged otherwise.” Whether or not someone was successful at the “Thing” depended significantly upon whether he had support from his fellow folk in attendance, whether he/she could organize a “favourable Umstaende.” This custom was not only prevalent in Germany and Northern Europe, but even today it is to be found among many indigenous Peoples.

The Heidelberg “Thing” site was built-in vernacular methods using local quarried stone, the central stage consisting of stone slabs is embedded into the hill slope, with the stone seating fanning upwards towards the summit, following the tradition of the classical amphitheatre style. The circular stage is backed by a stepped parapet wall which forms also as a raised second stage, the landscape itself also becomes integral to the stage setting, the surrounding forest holds the “Thing” arena in a natural embrace, amalgamating the man-made site into the surrounding rocks, trees, hills, horizon and sky, creating a place of mythical atmosphere. The hewn stone blocks and slabs seem rooted to the hill, thoughtfully fitted into the environment, with a vernacular sensibility and native awareness.

Heidelberg "Thing" Site

So this is what is nowadays referred to in Germany as an “Evil Place” Bose Orte. To me it is a ‘Ruin of Power’, architectonic truth of the Third Reich Immanence! Let it remain for them an “Evil Place”, I feel like erecting a large sign saying; ‘Social Democrats KEEP OUT!’ When I was asking for directions to the “Evil Place” at the reception of ‘Steffi’s Hostel’ in town where I was staying, the Fräulein behind the desk gave me foreboding look and frown, “But that is an old Nazi place!” she said as if under an invisible spell, “Yes” I said, “That is why I am going there…” It is sad that these young people are afraid of what is in their own backyard because of what false memories have been implanted in their innocent minds, I want to dwell for a while in the “Evil Place.”

As I walked up cobbled ‘Philosopher’s Way’, then up through the winding paths beneath the cooling canopy of dark Odin’s Forest towards the “Thing” site, looking back over the town of Heidelberg, I understood one of Goebbels’ intentions with the Thingstatte, it was an attempt to draw man out from the confines of his complex shelters in the valley, away from the soft and comfortable, to gather under an impartial sky, day or night in a hard place of cold stone, an oval cradle of stone, upon a mountain top, is that not where important decisions should be made? A man who is not fit to judge on the mountain top, is not fit to judge. And by the true law, the true law of the land; one can only be judged by his/her peers, a person can only be judged honestly if he/she is judged by his/her peers; fellow community members of the nation or folk, this is noble; to be judged by those who know you best. This is a core element of the Blut und Boden ideology; a folk assembly for the  common determination of an indigenous people, the “Thing” site is the ground for the assembly of community for law practice, for ceremony, for celebration and festival, for play and performance, for oratory and education. But above all the “Thing” is the place of ancient courts of law.

In the warm afternoon light I sat on the stone steps of the Third Reich Thingstatte, contemplating with the ghosts of the past who inhabit this holy hillIt is said in old Germanic Law that the individual was prevented by the folk from cutting down a single tree unless he was capable of planting three more. Now Odin’s Forest is reduced to a mere patch that one can walk through in under an hour. The ancestors whose sad spirits still walk this forest once stood tall and straight as gods and trees, once there was the clash of steel on steel as the forest was defended to the last man, and now there are only slaves bent over with chainsaws mutilating the last of Odin’s trees. The holy conviction in the concept of Divine Order set Aryan ancestors as guardians of the forest. There was nothing superficial about the place, not a false symbol to be seen, moral prejudice was to be left down in the valley, up here in this ‘Ruin of Power’, lies the unexplored realm of dangerous knowledge, and there are thousands of reasons why the modern human beings in their sheltered moralizing court rooms should keep away from here. The Social Democrats in the indoor parliaments, should not come here, let it always be an “Evil Place” for them, may their judgement be always kept inside; “One should not go into churches if one wants to breathe pure air.”

The “Thing” is architectural proof of the Third Reich’s dual state aspirations, a coexistence between a  revival of vernacular judicial systems rooted in the old immanent law of the land by self-sustaining Germanic communities, and the autocratic political and military power as well as the benevolent disposition of the NSDAP and the Führer towards the Germanic indigenous communities. This was the “coordination” of the public life and system of justice established from 1933. Which involved the formation of the ‘National Socialist League of Jurists’, entailing the removal of all anti-German and Semitic laws, for example; the outlawing of Kosher slaughter practices in the Third Reich. All Jewish lawyers, judges, legal academics and court officials were to be removed from their former positions, which were numerous, this action taken by the National Socialists was to insure that the German people were not tried and judged or made subject to laws and punishments that were anti-German in origin, the idea being that a German cannot be judged by somebody who is not German, which makes absolute sense, imagine if the Zulu’s or Eskimo were in charge of the practice of Law in Germany, or anywhere else, would those subjected to such foreign law and tradition except it? Should they except it? Let us remember that the Jewish laws and traditions are in fact extremely hostile to non-Jews, a racist and bigoted set of laws is clearly defined in the Torah and Talmud.

The Academy of German Law with theorists such as Carl Schmitt advocated cleansing the law of all “Jewish influence”, instead German judges and lawyers were considered to develop a “healthy folk sentiment” gesundes Volksempfnden, and to let that sentiment guide them in their judgement. It makes sense that a healthy German folk, or indeed any folk or nation for that matter should be capable of providing and executing their own laws as they see fit for their own people, if they were to be provided with a set of laws foreign to them and made subject to them, then they could not be considered a healthy folk, they would also be a mislead and enslaved people, especially foreign laws that are hostile and detrimental. A community, folk, nation, anybody at all living under the yoke of such alien laws invented by a separate race of people are slaves, they are not sovereign and they are not healthy, to be healthy means to be free from sickness, injury. The uncoordinated relations between Germans and Jews was unhealthy, for both races, and caused sickness, injury and pain for both races.

The historical precedent and ideal – “judgement by your peers” or trial by your own folk, as a core legal element explicitly dictates that those whom are not of your folk should be removed from positions that determine the outcome of trials and judgement within the judicial system. The Thingstatte of the German Blud und Boden movement was a rejection of the concept that the community or nation is bound to a set of external and abstract legal proceedings and a separate unrelated judicial system, as well as any foreign traditions, rituals or celebrations. And it is not just Jewish law that the NSDAP desired to remove, for example in Article 19 of the NSDAP program 1921 it is stated that: “a common German law should replace the Roman law tradition.”

The practice of law was to become under the leadership of the Führer, the manifestation of the will and sentiment of the German people solely, law as the will and determination of the people themselves. It was not to be as it is today; a set of legal formalized norms and standards forced upon a people, without their consent or participation in their establishment and execution. When the NSDAP came to power in 1933, the long-held Western principle that people are bound to written set of lifeless legal norms and standards executed by a separate authoritarian class or race that is unrelated to them was ridiculed and eventually dismantled. in its place the National Socialists developed and implemented a concept that was truly revolutionary for the time in Europe, the concept of; “Law is what is good and useful for the German people”, this concept reversed the legal foundations at the time. Law as well as ritual and celebration was to become subordinate to the will of the race and it’s foremost leadership. Law was “racial healthy common sense” in the Third Reich – “Law is not the sole source to decide what is legal or what is illegal.” The law is made subject to the will of man, and is beholden to time and place, it is ‘Man Over Law!’

Carl Schmitt  the President of the ‘National Socialist League of Jurists’ publically proclaimed that; “The Führer is the highest Judge of the Nation and the highest lawgiver.”  “Law is not some abstraction but should reflect the plan and aim of the lawgiver.” The “Thing” as an assembly place made up of free men of the local German community is presided over ultimately by the leader of the German people who is the highest lawgiver and judge, this was the use of the “Thing” sites in old pre-Christian Northern Europe and it was the use that was intended for the Third Reich Thingstatte’s. We see in this revival the triumph of the will of man over the written law, will of man as the highest expression of justice, and that the leader of the people is the highest judge, it is the common law of the land, it is the way of the “Thing”.

The consequence of this revolutionary coordination between the supreme power of the Führer and the common law of the Germanic people was twofold:

  1. The life value of the people was above the law.
  2. The law is a tool to be used in defence of health and life value of the people.

Rights or licences granted by authority were to be suppressed or removed completely in favour of shared experience in action and planning for common destiny and determination based on a common past. Laws and regulations were only to be employed if they improved the overall health and wellbeing of the community and therefore the health and wellbeing of the Nation. The law was to be used as an instrument to defend the health and life value from causes of illness and degeneracy.

The Third Reich “Thing” amphitheatres by way of their design provided an arena which seeks to dispense with the divide between the present lawgiver and those present seeking guidance and protection via law, in a similar manner the divide between performers and audience is diminished for the purpose of stimulating shared coordinated experience. The audience present at the “Thing” are not passive unrelated spectators, the encounter is a cognitive analogy and uniform motion, the identity of relation between orders. Third Reich legal theory strongly opposed the mechanical application of sterile and abstract sets of legal and ritual norms and commandments, that had previously become bound by established humanitarian morality dictated by foreign elements in order to make a passive subject out of the life value of a racial folk.

There, in the ruins of the mountain top amphitheatre, as I stood in the “Thing” beneath a prodigal sky, the grounds urged that I abandon formalized conscience. In the grey stone cradle of Heiligenberg crestI was made aware that the herd instinct of public obedience is brought under the will of the leadership, there was to be no parliamentarian pandering to those whom only would ever obey, the modern humanitarian politician poses as a lawgiver but merely implements sterile sets of handed-down laws; the commands of ancestors foreign to us and our kind, with the commands of the non-existent, the lifeless dictation of dead constitutions, their dead justice, and their dead gods. They long to lead the herd in the ways of the lifeless and so the fake leader, the politician and the judge are made subject to the herd themselves through hypocrisy, leading all into pit of cacocracy, mediocrity and moderation. That is the origin of the Democratic Parliamentary constitutions of today. The stern and lofty remains of the Nazi court of Heidelberg, the “Thing” site ‘Ruin of Power’ is contrary to all Democratic Parliaments, let the herd-man call it “Evil”, let the Social Democrats and humanitarians call this place “Evil”, let the Jewish Press scream from the valley “it is Evil”, the “Thing” will always be a place for the noble commander and his folk to execute their own justice!

“Speach Runes should you know,

if the man you wronged

should be prevented in his revenge;

they will be wrapped up,

they will be woven,

they will be compounded

on the “Thing” where people

in crowds go

and fully lawcourts are judges.”   –   Sigdrifumal

9 responses to “Chapter I. Third Reich Pilgrim: Heidelberg “Thing” Site

  • oregoncoug

    This wisdom is the TRUE Aryan religion. All else is but the Outer Darkness of Yahwey, mere judaic similitudes of Truth.

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Delenda,

    Here is a short translated passage from Part Two of “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar” which applies powerfully to your above essay:


    When Jung says Wotan is wind, hurricane, in the sense of earthly wind, this is because he did not know or interest himself in the Runes. Each element has its origin in another more subtle, even the wind itself is only symbol of something else. An air, a wind from another Universe, which is Spirit and beyond the Boreal Wind, coming into the Creation of the Demiurge with the Runes. Der Geist. This Spirit is the only basis for the legendary Right of the Hyperborean Aryans, the Law they engraved on tablets of orialco and which were guarded by Apollo-Wotan. It is the Thing of the Germans, the magic sacred Reich, the Right. It unites them and joins them into a common mission of eternity, immortality. This was the First Hyperborean Reich and will also be the last. RE-ICH. Re = to turn, to return; Ich = I, in German. To return to the Absolute I, to return to be born: To be reborn. Esoterically this is the Reich, the REITH Rune, that of the Fuhrer. (Rat = Council. Recht = Right). This Reich will be that Mystery able to unite in separation: Absolute Personality, the A-Mor of HE-SHE and SHE-HE.”


  • delendaestziobot

    Kamerad oregoncoug,

    Yes, I would agree with Serranos’ REICH definition and its clear relation to the REITH Rune. ‘Return’ – to come back to the same place, to come back to a similar place – ‘same’, of a like kind.

    The pure concentrated “Absolute I” – return to the similar kind, where rebirth takes place.

    I found the Indogermanic root for REICH, which is similar to the Latin Re,
    the root REI (Sanskrit – Ri) means to ‘flow’ and ‘distil’;

    Distil –

    Seperate or purify

    To seperate or extract the essential elements

    To exude or give off (a substance) in drops or small quantities

    The distillation beginning with the alchemists is the process of heating up
    a liquid in a pure state to a steam or vapour and then cooling it again.

    The Fuhrer was the Master of this process, as if distilling all of mankind, concentrating it into an Aryan state as a return to the Hyperborean First Reich. Was this his council, his rite?

  • oregoncoug


    Your seemingly small question at the end is at the heart of Part II, “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar” and perhaps our key challenge at the present time. I shall have to ponder it for quite some time before I can respond with a somewhat succinct response that at least attempts to be worthy of your extraordinary perceptiveness in this thread. But I assure you I am indeed seized with your topic here and will seriously respond as soon as and when I am able! We are sailing over the deepest waters…

  • Miecz Elizejski

    This is pretty interesting. The concept of Original Nobility would tie in here in that Roman Law or contemporary Civil Law seems to inherently distrust the concept, while the Thing from Old Germanic tradition seems to embrace it.

    For one, why would you need to codify a whole set of laws and then state that these must be followed or the offender risks punishment and a prescribed loss of freedom? You would need that if you are paranoid about your subjects or simply do not trust them. A herder (Jew) does not trust his subjects since he views them as cattle (stupid, etc…) while an Aryan leader, Fuhrer or whatever title, believes in the Original Nobility of the people and would not do anything that goes against it. Hence, society has a lot of freedom, but the key is accountability. You cannot hide behind a fuzzy wording in the civil law system.

    Hitler had absolute power, the Fuhrerprinzip, but he knew that he was being held fully accountable for his actions.

    The trick is that with today’s state of civilization, such a system would ensure total chaos and tribal rule. Such a system is for a noble society and man today must work hard to be able to have such a system. Man must recognize the Aryan sense of duty, to his Folk, before he can function in such a system. But not only do people now not know what duty is, they do not know what a Folk is! Ironically, man now NEEDS laws to prevent him from self-destructing! The system is like a drug and civilization is a terminal junkie! Sad as it may be, but the Aryans today will rise from the ashes that the Gentiles and Jews left.

    I try not to be pessimistic, but I sense that the scenario as presented in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is the most likely one to happen.

  • delendaestziobot

    The “Thing” is not for today’s civilization, and not a remedy for Man as a whole, it is not for the Gentile, neither is it for the Jew, the Thing can only be understood by the Aryan, and can only function for the Aryan Folk, and belongs only to the Aryan Folk, which is not present on Earth at the moment, we don’t have an Aryan Folk, WE ARE THE LOST VAPOURS of the Aryans, struggling for re-birth, Geo-Genesis, the last time it existed was breifly during the Third Reich.

    Miecz, you are correct about Roman Law and Civil Law, for the established and celebrated maxim of juriprudence is:

    ‘we must judge by laws, not examples,’ legibus, non exemplis, est iudicandum.

    In opposition, The Third Reich Thing says:

    ‘we must judge by the example of what is good and useful to our folk’

    Both views are in total opposition to each other, cannot remedy one with the other.

    These comments are very helpful because I plan to extend the chapters of “Third Reich Pilgrim” that will appear on the blog for the book form, which will include more content.

    Talking about remedy, I will introduce a new term – “Meliorism”

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Today’s politicians are so far removed from “leading by example” that it is quite sickening. One could see what Hitler believed by simply looking at how he lived his life, even as Fuhrer. The most powerful man in Germany did not use his position for the slightest bit of decadence. He even called himself “the first soldier of the Reich” once the war started. Today, it would be unheard of and even looked upon as wrong if a leader in a “democratic” nation were to say that.

    Gentiles trust the law that written on paper.
    Jews more often than not manipulate the paper to suit their brood.

    Aryans trust a leader who readily displays and acts on his convictions.

  • Niebo

    Illuminating read, the “Thing” is a glacially Nordic experience.

    Hail the 71st anniversary of Barbarossa !

  • aufihrhelden

    Regarding the actual building and design of the Thingstatte, note the similarites to The Bayreuth Festpielhaus built between 1872 and 1876. The Master designed this along the similar principles relating to the concept of a theatre and auditorium ; the amphitheatrical form, a direct line of vision to the stage, the design shortens the visual effect, the attention of the audience is directed directly to the stage. This was also why The Master has the orchestra under the stage (also to enhance the acoustic effects). The auditorium of the Bayreuth Festpielhaus also is an eighth of a circle, similar again.

    Popular belief would have this based on the ‘Ancient Greek’ principles of architecture and design. This false notion will be debunked by the upcoming ‘Third Reich Pilgrim : The Ruins of Power’. The Jews invent history.

    Heil Germania !!

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