Updates From Germany.

Aryanist kamerades,

I am currently researching for upcoming essays on Wewelsburg Castle and the SS, Nuremberg history and law, and Arno Breker, and possibly more. It would be better if I compile and write the essays when I get back home, time and travel requirements being a restriction at the moment, and the more time I spend collecting information the more details I can publish on my blog later, I also need to add images and photos that I have collected and taken, and this would all be easier on my home computer. I am also considering extending the series of essays into a small book for publication, the title ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’ comes to mind. I still have 3 weeks in Germany and I am ahead of my planned schedule, even though I have made several detours and changes. I am sure there are more important discoveries waiting for me to stumble upon in the coming weeks.

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