Third Reich War Bond

This is an authentic bond from the Third Reich issued in 1940 for 500 Reichsmarks (RM) at 4% interest. The bond is still due, it’s in mint condition and thus will be valid when the Fourth Reich is established, however this war bond will have to be paid by those who illegally and unjustifiably destroyed the Third Reich and looted it. The bond is a paper contract note and it is a certificate that represents an investment of 500 Reichsmarks (RM). And a Reichsmark is a weight of Silver = 0.0803 of a 0.999 fine Troy Ounce. This war bond thus is the bonded decree of the Third Reich Treasury, and states that it represents an investment of the holder of the bond the total of 500 Reichmarks = 40.15 Troy Ounces of .999 Silver at a compound interest of 4% per year. The investment is an original deposit of 500 Reichsmarks, which is the equivalent of 40.15 silver ounces. To this the German Treasury is bonded to pay 4% interest, so the first year is 20 Reichsmarks extra in interest or 1.606 silver ounces, and the next year would be 4% of 520 Reichsmarks and so on, compounding.

As you can see German war bonds were not backed by nothing, the “liber” the growth is in a material measurable asset, which was the standard of currency in the Third Reich at the time of it issue, i.e. a REICHS-MARK or REICHS WEIGHT, ‘mark’ means ‘weight’, and originally a ‘mark’ was 8 oz of Silver, it denotes a fixed weight and is related to outlining a boundary, or a limit, for example in Old English merke of felde, ‘mark of the field’. This is where the word Market is derived and in the marketplace one must weigh the goods, there are various means of doing this, numerals are only used to express aspects of weight and purity, mass and number of units. Money is just a tool that does this. Therefore today we have a system which is an abstract concept of the simple tool of money or weight measurement. And that is how most humans are conditioned to think, they imagine the numerical digits produced by the whim of Jewish bankers are the measure of all things, even themselves, and they believe that these abstract numbers have a life of their own, that they grow and become healthy or become sick and shrink, and of course this is all just make-believe, it is just a fantasy game which came into its own post 1945, in which the people’s of the Earth have now been raised from birth to live in and propagate through the sacrifice of their bodies and blood, their work and energy that is given to the Jewish bankers and in return they receive digits, numerical signs as a token of their sacrifice. The token is imaginary, the Jew banker merely imagined it.

Unlike the German war bonds our fiat currency or bonds today are backed by nothing, it is all  just a whim, an imagined invented numerical sign that appears and can just as easily disappear, it has no material relation to anything other than what people accept they are told it is worth, for example if I give you digit 6, and I then label a banana with another digit sign of 6, and you knew nothing else, you would probably assume that the value of the banana is numerical sign 6! It would be a very basic and primitive understanding, but if you knew nothing else, if you had been told all your life from birth that the numerical digits have nothing to do with weight and purity and measurement of energy, if you just accepted them as an abstract value mechanism, and then instinctively applied it to what you saw, then indeed you would be of the mind-set that the digits that appear on things are in fact what is the measure of them, but you would be wrong.

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  • "Tuco"

    The German War Bonds subject is one of interest in the matter of “fiat”. Where the Bonds ever re-paid in any amount ? What Banks in Germany were involved in the issue and repayment of the Bonds. Did the good citizens of Germany surrender their Silver for “paper” never to receive a return on the their investment ? Was it “confiscation” in another form.
    Could well be viewed as “Jewish” finance or Socialistic. Just being Socratic of course !!!

    Tuco is one of my favorite all time screen villians, played by a Jew of course. Was “Tuco” jewish in character ?

    • delendaestziobot


      Yes, WWII German war bonds were paid in Reichsmarks with interest until the end of the war, then they were either cancelled or not honored because there was no Third Reich Germany to pay them, and obviously the Allies did not intend to pay back what the Germans had invested in the war.

      See, the Third Reich War Bond is a contract, between the investor and the Third Reich, German industrial corporations also had war bonds offering interest payments on amounts of Silver Reichsmarks invested, the risk being that if the war is lost you would most likely lose part if not all of your original investment, however War Bonds were marketed as a way of ´doing your bit´so to speak for your country, for example if you were too old to fight or work, investing in a War Bond was seen as an alternative.

      The Third Reich War bonds were not purely Fiat, they were a contract note backed by a certain weight of Silver in the form of silver Reichsmarks which were the standard monetary currency for Germany at the time of issue.

      I think Tuco is definetly a Jewish character.

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  • aufihrhelden

    An owner of one of the Third Reich War Bonds would have seen it’s value increase to approximately 8,758 Reichsmarks by 2013 which would have equalled approximately 703 troy ounces of silver. The principal would have doubled firstly in 1958 then again in 1976 then again in 1994 and then again in 2012. By 2024 the bond would have been increasing in value by the amount of the original principal (500 RM). Of course, if the Second World War was won they would probably have been paid back earlier in true silver energy.

    This shows the effect of compounding on ever increasing numbers but, of course, the Jews are able to enslave the world using this method, not through provision of their own collateral in any way, shape or form but from NOTHING ! From creating the original principal out of THIN AIR. From the crooked Jew perspective the above mathematical effect can be seen in the ‘provision’ of mortgages and credit cards especially when only the minimum extortion payment is made.

    In current US (fraudulent) dollars, 703.27 troy ounces of silver would only be worth approximately US$16,548 at the current ‘price’ of silver which shows the massive amount of manipulation which goes on. Not much spending power there, if silver was at it’s so-called proper ‘price’ then 703.27 ounces would be able to buy farms and works of art and the like.

    It would be interesting to know whether any kind of formal record of the bonds issued was preserved and how many were issued in what year and at what price and so on – how many owners are aware they still have them ? Though, of course, and as always FORCE would have to come first.

  • aufihrhelden

    First principles – in this world when dealing with anything, that is absolutely anything, the first question you should always ask is, ‘What Is The Nature Of The Thing ?’ – applied to ‘The Money Question’, one, on understanding the nature of the thing could actually come to the conclusion that usury is meaningless, usury is irrelevant, one could even state that there is nothing wrong with usury. Why is this ? Because when money is allowed to act as it should, as a weight, as it was in The Third Reich then the worldly circumstances that currently exist under The World Jewish System under which usury thrives would not exist ; people would hold onto their wealth because their wealth would be measured in terms of the energy they expended in order to obtain that wealth in the first place. It’s a question of reason and logic.

    So the 4% figure used for the bonds above is not some random figure plucked from thin air as the 4% would, by definition, have to be paid in silver, the actual silver would have to exist, that is why the figure is not 40% or 400%.

    The definition of usury is ‘the charging of excessive amounts of interest’ therefore it’s only a question of the degree of interest charged and anybody that argues in terms of the ‘degree’ of something is, by definition, compromising and you should never compromise when dealing with evil. The amount of interest charged in the current system is as much as the Jews think they can get away with although, of course, the more they charge the more the increase in thin air fiat in the world system and the less it is ‘worth’ or, more precisely, the less effect it has, the less potency it has within their system of securing for World Jewry the assets of the world. The amount of interest charged in The Third Reich system would be decided by the amount of silver owned by the people, by industry and so on because nature regulates itself.

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