Money is a weight!

The greatest illusion in this world today is the artificial creation of a numerical monetary unit that is not measured by weight, the illusion is that money is independent of a measurable weight. All fiat currencies of the world as we have come to adopt them today are all abstract numerical expressions of private dynastic families.

To understand this we need to know exactly what Money is, otherwise we are just game for the predatory creators of this illusion. Let us start with what is now known as the “world’s reserve currency” this in itself is a purely abstract expression, and it’s symbol is – $, what is a “Dollar?”. Well, we need to separate the present illusion from the original reality, in reality a $Dollar is a ‘Silver Coin’, that is its actual etymological definition (An Etymological Dictionary Of The English Langauge – Walter W. Skeat.) And the reason why this is; because the English word ‘Dollar’ is borrowed from the Germanic ‘Thaler’, anybody who knows anything about history should know what a Thaler is. Now a Thaler is a silver coin and the name is an abbreviation of Joachimsthaler, which is a silver coin so-called because it was first minted from silver deposits obtained from mines in Joachimsthal (i.e. Joachim’s Dale) in Bohemia about A.D. 1518; these silver coins were also called Schlickenthaler, because coined by the counts of Shlick. The G. thal is cognate with E. dale. Thus dollar = dale-er.

The reason why all the so-called “economists” and “historians” in the world over the last few hundred years have been unable to grasp the fact that a Dollar is a silver coin and not a numerical abstract expression is because they are trained from birth to not think, they are entirely dependent on the false system that has birthed them and nurtured them, they are slaves. The Silver Mines of Bohemia were under the control of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Thaler (Dollars) were coined without any imprinted or engaved denomination, because they are measured by weight, it is the weight and the finess of pure silver content that is important, so that is what is weighed. These silver coins were the standard currency for all Europe, the English used the word Dollar for Thalers 200 years before Silver Dollars were minted in America! A Thaler is literally a weight of Silver, a Dollar is a weight of Silver. All of Jewish history begins in the 16th Century AD, who were the Jews? The Jews were a class or a Clan of families within the Holy Roman Empire, that is important, they came from within the Holy Roman Empire and specifically Central Europe, all else is lies, the Old Testament “Jewish history” is a mere literary fabrication, and all “Secret Societies” from the 16th Century on are propaganda  and disinformation outlets designed to hide and conceal these basic truths. And their greatest secret is that Money is a simple tool  for measurement by weight, a standardized imperial measure. The Jewish families were a Roman class of Gens who were in charge of the first minting and coining of Silver and Gold coins used as a weight measurement.

What is a Ruble? A Russian Ruble is etymologically a measured weight “chop” from a Silver ingot. The Ruble is the equivalent of one German Mark, what does Mark mean? A Mark is a measure of weight for Silver and Gold, originally 8 Troy Ounces or 249 grams. What is a Peso? Peso means ‘weight’ in Spanish, a Peso is historically a Silver coin. A Spanish Dollar or real is a Silver coin and its engraved image of the Pillars of Hercules is where the $ sign itself originates from:

The Italian Lira dates back to Charlemagne and it is a pound of Silver, just like the English Pound Sterling is a pound of Silver, the original Lira was equal to the French Franc, which was a pound weight of Silver. The Roman Denaris is of course a round silver coin from where we get the Latin dinar. The Chinese Yaun is also originally a round silver coin, Yuan means “round” likewise Yen and Won. The Greek tetradrachim is a unit of weight based on Silver or other metals. Persian Daric and Siglois were all Silver and Copper units of weight. The Indian Rupee  is derived from the Sanskrit raupya which means “made of Silver” literally! Etc, etc.

Money is a weight, and historically a weight measured by Silver primarily. Fiat currency under our world Zionist system is an abstract expression, a decree by a select minority of one race and one class and one clan, they have simply established that their whim be the measure of all things on this Earth regardless of all material being, an absurd abstract numerology is what governs our dying world, that is all it is, that is all money is today, just meaningless numbers with no basis in reality at all.

26 responses to “Money is a weight!

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Nice. Money today seems to be like processed food: looks tempting and is convenient, but provides no nutrition when compared to the fruits of good, tilled earth.

    • Longinus

      If they really came from Central Europe than what is their ethnic genesis? Are they Germans, Slavs, Romans, Kelts, Hungarians or what? How to understand the quote in Mein Kampf saying that the first Jews came into Germany with the Romans? And Deitrich Eckart’s “Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin” – where we can reed about Jews as the destroyers of ancient civilizations? What about Roman sources on Jews such as Seneca’s and Cicero’s? What about the Kingdom of the Khazar and Sephardic Marrano Jews – the story about Jewish troubles in Spain related to Ferdinand, Isabella and Spanish Inquisition? Did the Siege of Masada ever took place?

      • Longinus

        Pardon my bad manners for dropping in without saying hello, we talked on Aryanism so it slipped my mind. Salve comrade delendaestziobot and many compliments on your blog. 🙂

        About my question, I’d like to have a clearer picture who they actually are. We define them as “benefactors of Judaism” (religion). I’ve read Otmar von Verschuer’s “Racial Biology of the Jews” who tried to observe them as a race. So are they a race or religion or something in-between? A distinct ethnic group or a collection of distinct ethnic groups perhaps? Or simply a substitute term for any ignoble part of humanity? The Jews I have observed are mediocre yet crafty creatures with alien instincts and a talent to persuade others in their basic benevolence. Gifted for practical, every-day life but totaly lacking any higher ideal, aestetic value, artistic taste, patriotic or spiritual sentiments.

      • delendaestziobot

        Greetings Longinus,

        The Medici Family invented “Roman History”, Seneca, Cicero, in fact all so called “ancient” historians from Greek Homer onwards were all Medieval in origin. You cannot build the Colosseum and Parthenon with Roman numerals, just like you cannot build the Great Pyramid with Egyptian heiroglyphics.

        Now the so called “Khazar kingdom” was invented by the Jewish writer Arthur Koestler, there never was was a Jewish kingdom, anywhere. The oldest synagogues and the oldest Jewish culture are found in Frankfurt, Mainz, Worms, Speyer, etc. The Gutenberg Bible in the 15th Century was a massive production organized totally by the Holy Roman Empire’s Prince Electors with the Pope and the ruling elite families, (Johannes Gutenberg never existed) and at this time, there were no Jews, there was a class or guild of gold and silver smiths that worked in the minting of coins, and these people, whether their clan leaders decided or it was decided for them, they took on the false Biblical history as their own. Christians took on their false history as well at this time, and this was before they even decided to re-do the stain glass windows and paint the interiors of the “churches” which were built mainly for bacchic rites which all got out of control and disease infested, so they decided on a new religion, which is “Abrahamic”, and that was given to the masses around the 15th Century.

  • Progisby

    Money is still a weight, just in a different context altogether. It’s a weight — a burden of which the Jews use to keep us shackled.

    Take an indebted state, whose only choice is to borrow money from a bank would forever remain indebt. For it would simply be impossible for the state to pay back the whole amount plus the interest that increase annually, for such an amount of money would not exist. This secures the total supremacy of the bank above the state, for the bank would exploit the situation in an endless cycle. Ofcourse the bank cares little if it receives the lent money, just the power it is bound to receive in its place.

    It is indeed absurd how such artificial abstract numbers exploited by mischevious Jews can govern our world.

    • delendaestziobot

      Greetings Progisby,

      Yes the situation is absurd.

      It would be like if I gave you a 100 bits of paper with my signiture on them and my own personal seal, and a image of me printed on it, and only I had the sole right to manufacture these bits of paper, and nobody else. So I give you a 100 bits of my paper and I say to you now give me back 110, and you say but I only have 100, and I say thats fine I will give you another 100, so now you must give me back 220 of my bits of paper, and you say but I only have 200, and I say that is fine I will give you another 100, and now you must pay me back 330! Now I could quicken the pace up by actually just taking my bits of paper back when you are not looking or just by force and we can call this “tax”, so I will then give you a 100 and then take 65 out and leave you with 35 bits of paper but you still owe me 110. And so on…..

      And this little abstract numerical game governs the entire world.

      • Miecz Elizejski

        The way you described the “numerical game” here is the best I have seen it anywhere. Stripped down to its bare bones with the core process and initial step revealed… it’s just a simple lie. Sleight of hand.

      • Progisby

        I concur with Miecz. Excellent piece of work to expose this deceptive game. You described it better than I ever could, I’m impressed by your expressiveness and insight on the matter.

        The money world is not that hard to understand, anything that generates profit is considered good, anything that does not is considered bad. The fuel of this world is its eternal quest of profit at any price and by any means, how this profit is earned is of no relative importance as long as you can go to bed with the knowledge of having a number with higher digits or more pieces of paper than you did the day before. It’s outright ridiculous that something in reality so unimportant be given the spotlight of attention, and how open this is to the exploitation by few at the disadvantage of many.

  • Longinus

    From Croatia (back than the Kingdom of Hungary) you have the Slavic knightly works reminiscing the Classical heritage: “Rumanac trojski” (~ 1300.) – “The “Novel of Troy” and “Alexandrida” or “The Tales of Alexander”. Rulers back than were ot the House of Anjou, not the German princes or the Medici family.

    Anything unrelated to our tradition (the Classical Civilization and Western Christendom of the Middle Ages) is foreign to my spirit.

  • Aryanist

    Hey Delenda, with regards to the Spanish Real coin, do you know what the text says on the sash wrapped around the pillars(the “dollar” sign)?

    Thank you, Great article!

  • Aryanist

    I believe it says “PLUS” and “ULTRA”, left to right

  • delendaestziobot

    It is an interesting subject, I did some google work and I came up with;

    “PLUS ULTRA” is a motto that means ‘go beyond’ as “NON PLUS ULTRA” had the meaning of “nothing further beyond” and related to the strait of Gibraltar, it was Hercules who was considered to be the god who opened the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean by destroying a mountain, thus creating the strait of Gibraltar, so it was according to Roman mythology, one can see the reflection of Hercules in the Old Testament account of Samson and also the Pillars of Hercules are the meaning of Freemasonry the ‘Pillars of Jachin and Boaz’ and the Pillars of Solomon, and more recently they were represented by the twin World Trade Centre towers which came crashing down in a display of power and dominance.

    Basically what is on the Spanish Pillar Dollar is the insignia of Charles V of the Habsburg Royal House who was the Holy Roman Emperor and King of the Romans and King of Spain and king of the New World, he married his first cousin Isabella and gained all of Spain as a dowry, he also controlled Germany, the Lowlands and southern Italy plus all their colonies combined.

    Now, Charles V defeated Sulieman The Magnificent and Sulieman is the Solomon of the Bible and Charles the V comes to be represented as holding the chains or binds of his conquests between the twin Pillars of Hercules, who is Samson. It appears that most of the Hercules mythology is just propaganda for Charles V, which is ironic because Charles V was a puny sickly Royal idiot with a deformed head, no doubt the result of generations of incest and inbreeding.

    It was this deformed Goblin King who is accredited with the first universal Dollar – the Spanish Real.

  • aufihrhelden

    Prior to 1920, British silver coins contained high purity, 92.5% (Sterling) silver.
    From 1920 to 1946, British silver coins contained 50% silver.
    From 1947 onwards, some denominations of British pre-decimal coins issued for circulation were “silver-colored,” however these coins were made of copper-nickel, and contained no silver.

    The gradual removal of silver from the coins over the years, it says it all really. Still, at least copper and nickel are real metals and have a weight and are therefore worth more than an electronic entry on a computer system.

    They require the Ziobot armies to uphold their lies because anything that exists which is contrary to the Laws of Nature, by definition requires something unnatural to uphold it.

  • aufihrhelden

    A gardener mows a lawn with an area of one acre.
    When he asks for payment, they say to him, ‘We will pay you for mowing 2,178 square feet with a weight, here’s some silver. However, for the other 41,382 square feet, we’re going to write a worthless, false promise on this piece of paper which you must accept.’

    The above is a definition of a 5% ‘cover clause’. The above is a definition of 95% fraud.

  • aufihrhelden

    The following comment was made under an article on the Zionist organisation Reuters website (the article was related to the riots in Spain and the ‘debt’ situation) :

    ‘Unfortunately, these emotional responses make their countries economic situations even worse by their ill-considered actions.
    There is no magic overnight solution to the economic problem in the Euro zone and fiscal and budgetary restraint is the only answer.’

    An emotional response, in itself, is never ‘ill-considered’ – what may or may not be judged as ‘ill-considered’ is who the emotional response is directed at. In this case, all the rioters are doing is demanding more ‘Goy Biscuits’ (as outlined elsewhere on this website) when, what they should be doing is targeting the false financial system itself which is a manifestation of the agenda of International Jewry. A storm of flowing passion needs to unleashed against World Jewry. Well-directed and organised Force.

    The person who wrote the post would never question how the so-called ‘economic situations’ of these countries came about ; ie the printing from thin air of false, fraudulent slavery vouchers which people believe to be money.

    What the poster might call a ‘magic overnight solution’ is actually outlined in this ‘Money is a Weight’ essay ; but then that would involve the revelation of the Greatest Fraud of All Time and the ruining of millions of shattered illusions and cushy lives. To them the only so-called ‘answers’ are the ones which don’t disrupt World Zion.

    Put another way, never examine World Jew population statistics before and after World War Two, just listen to the filthy lies of so-called ‘eyewitnesses’.

  • delendaestziobot

    One problem with the British is that they cannot comprehend the English language. You see, ‘pound’ means ‘weight’, the British ‘Pound Sterling’ would literally mean ‘a weight of 92.5% silver’.
    Another problem is that barely anybody else in the world understands the English language either, because they accept payment in ‘Pound Sterling’ but they have no comprehension of what it means.
    Imagine if I had to pay you in bananas, but instead of giving you real bananas I gave you a piece of paper with ‘bananas’ printed on it! How does one get away with that? Well, it can only be that it is much worse than humans not comprehending their own language, but in fact that they cannot comprehend anything!

  • aufihrhelden

    It even states on an English banknote, ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of’, and nobody even questions this.

    Herd-like behaviour and a resentment of those who walk away from the herd …

  • aufihrhelden

    Two example of the ignorance of humans :

    One (a hateful inadequate ‘Freeman’ type) suggests that the ‘Bradbury Pound’ should be brought back because it doesn’t matter whether the ‘money’ (they think it’s money) is created from thin air as long as interest is not charged …

    Another said that gold and silver serve no purpose whatsoever because you can’t ‘produce anything’ with them and that the state needs to create the ‘credit’ in order to ‘create growth’ …

    There’s enough on this website to rebut these inadequates a million times over.

    It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if these hateful creatures practised their ‘doctrines’ on humans just like themselves in a restricted area but they wish to impose their envy and hatred onto the entire world.

  • delendaestziobot

    Gold and Silver, like bananas have potential to do work, they have Energy, and all three are subject to Gravity, all Energy is transformable. Work is uniform motion overcoming an opposing force, the opposing force that is common to all is Gravity, which is a Force, and Weight is a Force, one can weigh Gold, Silver and Bananas, therefore the common currency in Energy tranferral is Weight, so ‘Money’ is a Weight that is measured. Humans are unable to comprehend this because they lack the sentient ability to think, humans are unthinking progammable robots, that are now redundant, no longer required to do the Work (uniform motion overcoming an opposing force) that they once did….

  • aufihrhelden

    I eat two or three bananas every day and I have never ever wanted to eat paper instead.

    It is one of the great tragedies of the world today that humans are never punished, not even so much for their ignorance, but even more so for the way they behave (they ignore and despise truths once informed of them) because the stupid Jew, the hero of the humans, keeps their fiat fraud alive for them via button pressing naked shorting of precious metals prices, button pressing fiat voucher computer digit printing and waging wars.

    In short, money is never allowed to ACT as a weight. The truths of this website and of Hermitage Helm Corpus scare the humans to death.

  • CC

    Jews will try to sell you a shirt or a handbag for 100 times its real value simply because it has a designer logo on it. It isn’t really value, just “price” And if you end up getting it for only 50 times its real value they will tell you that you are getting a deal! As though we are expected to pay more to be a walking billboard! But the idiotic masses are so stupid that they WANT to pay.

    Objects are given false value through ‘image’ or ‘appearances’ in advertising and they even have stores where they sell “name brands at discount prices” At these places they try to sell you the garbage they couldn’t sell elsewhere at “half price” and this is supposed to be a great thing, but of course they are still turning a profit from it!

    When you see photos from 50 years in the past it is clear no one was stupid enough to pay to advertise for a “brand” But nowadays it is abnormal not to sport some sort of “brand” to take some kind of mark.

    It seems “money” nowadays is not much different. It is just a price tag but in the end you are giving your freedom in exchange for slavery.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, your observations are quite correct CC, advertising is creating the image or appearance of value, and also the organized creation of dissatisfaction, which is the actual business of Advertising, and that is their doctrine which is known to them, there is no desire for consumption of luxury goods, the desire must be created in the populace, and the easiest way to do this is to create dissatisfaction, so typically Jewish! And also advertising is the process of ‘competitive consumption’, which is more competition than consumption, because the populace has no desire for luxury goods, but they like to compete, which the game of competition in this case is again- Numerical. The human populace is programmed to desire digits of a higher value, not goods of a higher value, but just the digits is the attraction, the product is an illusion, it creates an illusion which is spread through the populace, and by attatching itself to the illusion through digits the human becomes part of the illusion, and the illusion with the highest digit value is of the highest value, in their programs of the biological circuitry in their heads. So the branding is just a signal by which higher digit values are behind, behind the brand, behind the illusion are the digits, and it is those digits that the humans aspire to…Because they have been programmed since birth to aspire to them.

      • CC

        I wonder how some resist the programming from a young age while the others so easily become immersed in the illusion. Some seem to have a natural aversion to the programming.

  • delendaestziobot

    Well CC, that is what is addressed in the books of Hermitage Helm; not all men are the same.

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘The appearance, or advent of the ‘I’, may be met when a certain biological maturity is reached in the development of the physical body and brain, as if a ‘switch’ were then activated. Yet, curiously, this does not happen to everyone. The myth of Christianity wants us to believe that all men are equal, that they have a similar soul and individuality, in effect, an ‘I’. The same belief as Masonic ‘humanism’, imposed within Masonry by the Jew, who knows it is not so. There are animal-men in whom no God will ever incarnate, nor an Angel, who suffer without divinity, imprisoned, without possibility of redemption. These are the inferior souls, semi-monkeys, carried to this degree of involution of no return by the Demiurge. And also some mestizo, mulatto and bastard components who run through the ultimate Rounds of Eternal Return, before being devoured and dissolved in the belly of Jehovah-Satan.’ – pages 82-83, ‘MANU – For The Man To Come’, Miguel Serrano

    It is the differences in the natures of people.

  • aufihrhelden

    Imagine leaving some furniture for storage at a warehouse to pick up at a later date but when you go back to collect the furniture, instead of your furniture, all they give you is pictures of your furniture and they tell you that if you object or complain you will be killed.

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