Ayn Rand – Zionist Pin Up Girl

Ayn Rand’s views on Israel 

 It would be better if she was prevented from spitting out her venom, but it is that poisonous venom that we have to deal with, because its like an infection and spreads like one.

From Ayn Rand’s views on Israel and the Middle East one can now decipher all her hypocritical subversive ramblings – she is a racist Zionist Jew who hates all non-Jews! Is that Rational? For here is someone claiming to hold reason and rationality as personal creed and as highest honor, and yet her views are clearly unreasonable and irrational. Again we see the ever-present pathological condition of Dissimulation in the mind of Jews.  Ayn Rand (real name: Alyssa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum) has the defective state of dissimulation in which the subject always holds two opposed states as being equally true, and Jews project this paranoia into other folks and races, and it is seemingly contagious. In Ayn Rand’s case we see the familiar vow of being both an Atheist and a Zionist Jew, both positions are naturally opposed, but for the Jew they can pursue and voice, and project both Atheism and Judaism at the same time and see this as being perfectly normal – this is normalization of madness, paranoia is the very definition of madness. It is not wise to listen to the “philosophy” of a madman.

The reason why the Jewish race can be both secular and theocratic at the same time is due to the pathological presence of paranoia, this leads to extreme fear of existential threats, in Ayn Rand’s case you can immediately see how she reacted to the question of U.S. foreign policy, her unrelated reply was one of confused fear of an existential enemy that she perceived as being “Arab” and that this imaginary threat was some type of “primitive” “monster”, non-human in other words. Ayn Rand is clearly showing the classic signs of a paranoid.

As for Ayn Rand’s very popular fiction books, it comes as no surprise that they would be so well received by the American general public. I think Ayn Rand’s books are next to that piece of fictional jewish literature the “Holy Bible” as America’s most read and loved books. To paraphrase, it is Ayn Rand’s writing which is primitive, but it matches the primitive vain existential fantasies of traditional Jewish mythology. Her literary skills are of a very low-level, and plain vulgar, it is much worse than Soviet Socialist “realism” and pseudo-literature of bureaucratic Bolshevik Moscow! At least the Bolsheviks tried to conceal their jewish contempt for the goyim masses, Rand does not even bother. In the same way she does not even bother to conclude that humans are motivated by anything other than selfish greed for property and to fill their bellies! In the lowest acts she sees the highest virtues, for example in Atlas Shrugged a general strike is the greatest act of creativity, so not working becomes WORKING! Again that is a dissimulation state, and complete hypocrisy! In the Rand novel The Fountainhead a builder’s greatest act becomes blowing up his own building! How typically Jewish, blowing up buildings and going on strikes! And it took her decades and endless streams of Fed $’s to even come up with those two intellectual concepts! No doubt the American university professors thought it was brilliant literature, it was aimed at their level of mentality.

Now, with Ayn Rand’s use of ‘Objectivism’ we can see a method by which she uses to defend U.S. Central Banking i.e. the Fiat $, which is controlled by private Jewish family dynasties. she calls this present conservative system – “Capitalism”, which is merely one half of the false dichotomy of Capitalist/Communist economics, based on the belief that material production is the final end of all human labour and that the measure of this is the Fiat currency manufactured by the Jews, so the Jews therefore by decree become the measure of all human labour, i.e. the slave-masters!

“90% of Communism is just a Central Bank” –    Vladimir Lenin

Yes, and the other 10% is just getting rid of anyone that opposes the Central Bank. Capitalism is exactly the same, it is just a Central Bank, in fact Soviet Communism was initially funded entirely from American and European Central Banks! And Ayn Rand posing as anti-Communist to the American public is exactly what a Jew from a Russian Central Banking family would do, she would lie about her past, claim she was persecuted by the “enemies” of American “freedom and democracy” and ask that she be endeared to them as friends and allies! Jew – “Trust me, I am your friend, I am the same as you.”

With this in mind lets look at some further comments from Ayn Rand:

“The United States of America is the greatest, the noblest and, in its original founding principles, the only moral country in the history of the world.”  –  Ayn Rand

Let me tell you what the original founding principal was for the United States of America! It was the wholesale slaughter of 50 million American Buffalo! That was the founding principal, and before the Buffalo it was the Whale that was the United States of America’s founding principal.

Americans turning the great herds of Buffallo into fertilizer!

I guess this is what the apartment bound, Neo-Con, New York, Ziobot, Pin Up Poster Jewess calls “the greatest, the noblest”… Shooting Buffalo was like shooting fish in a barrel, and it is hardly anything that could be possibly described as moral. Given the history of the United States and its current standing, I don’t think any sane being could describe it as a great, or moral, or a noble country.

“The only moral purpose of a government is the protection of individual rights”  –   Ayn Rand

Well, because of this faulty and contagious concept we have the reason why there are no Nations left on Earth, because Jews destroy nations and Gentiles submit to the task by believing such damnable lies! They turn every being into an isolated individual slave unit for material production gains for their selfish ends. They want their own altruistic Nation, they want their own Race, they want their Homeland, they want their Clan, their Family, their Tribe, yet they want to destroy all of this for every other being on earth, including the animal and plant and mineral kingdoms, and this is madness! What does the Jew mean by “Rights?” It means special granted licence towards some action, granted by the present authority, which means Jewish authority, Zionist approval, and they call this “liberty”, and the measure of this gets us back to Central Banking, $’s, the Jewish system of false weights, and the end result of that system is debt and confinement, and death!

“Money $ is the means of your survival”  –  Ayn Rand

“Money $ is the barometer of society’s virtue”   –   Ayn Rand

How typically Jewish! No! Federal Reserve notes, what you call $’s are made of cotton and paper, and are worth no more than the ink, cotton and paper that they consist of, they are a false weight, and seeming that Money is Weight, a measure by Weight, Money and Weight are synonymous! So $’s are a false weight, because the numerical digits printed on them have an incorrect value assigned to them. So U.S. $’s are not the measure of a society and they are not the barometer of virtue and they in no way be the basis for survival.

The final condemnation of Rand’s so-called “philosophy” is its thinly veiled core of Meliorism, which is the doctrine that under-pins all of Ayn Rand’s writing, and is the final aim of Ayn Rand’s writing and media promotion as a cultural conditioning instrument for the U.S. Federal Reserve. OBJECTIVISM IS NO MORE THAN THE MASS PROMOTION OF MELIORISM AS AN END OBJECTIVE IN ITSELF!

Neo-Con Calender Centerfold Girl

The only rational action one can take in regard to Ayn Rand’s books, is to turn them into cat litter! Either that or take them to a paper waste disposal plant for re-cycling into something useful!

16 responses to “Ayn Rand – Zionist Pin Up Girl

  • JD

    Are you kidding me? Ayn Rand never defended central banking, she was AGAINST IT AND ANY FORM OF FIAT MONEY. HELLO! Have you even looked into what she says. You do realize she advocated a gold standard, right?
    This article from the Ayn Rand institute which carries the beacon of her philosophy advocates and begs for the abolishment of the Fed and all central banking:

    You need to do better research

    • delendaestziobot

      JD, You seem to have missed the Dissimulation! It was not Ayn Rand who advocated the Gold Standard it was Alan Greenspan who wrote the essay – ‘Gold and Economic Freedom’ which appeared in Ayn Rand’s ‘Capitalism- The Unkown Ideal’. Alan Greenspan went on to manufacture more Fiat $’s than any other man in economic history, $’s backed by nothing but hot air! So that just proves again that Jews, Greenspan is Jewish, suffer from acute Dissimulation, and also they cannot seem to get their words and actions to match, by Rand’s standards we could simply look at Greenspans actions, he was himself a disciple of Rand’s, and his actions are one who was head of the U.S. Federal Reserve, which prints paper money, it does not matter what he says or what anybody else says about him, he printed paper money $ and it is those $’s that Ayn Rand measures all things by, that is a fact that cannot be denied, unless you are totally dissimulated yourself, which appears to be the case.

      Also the page you referred to contains the lie that the Federal Reserve Central Bank is a ‘Government’ Bank, it is not a government Bank at all, it a Private Corporation whose shareholders are private Jewish families! It does not suprise me that the Ayn Rand Institute would be presenting such blatant lies.

  • JD

    You people are just a bunch of dumb ass Nazis. Btw, I’m no advocate of Zionism, we all know it is fake, but we also know that you CANNOT blame the Jewish people for it. Take your anger to the ruling elite who are responsible, the same people who have created zionism, and the same people who fiinanced Hitler’s rise to power.

  • delendaestziobot

    JD, you just stated that you cannot blame the Jewish people for Zionism?????

    lol….Like I said, Dissimulation is contagious!


  • Miecz Elizejski

    Objectivism was designed to appeal to the ego. “Oh look, I am so smart, I see a good third way.” Yet, what is the oath of John Galt?

    “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man,
    nor ask another man to live for the sake of mine.” — John Galt

    It is move to prevent people from discovering Jewish collusion, since if they take the oath and live by it, then they’ll be less likely to cooperate and recognize things like folkism. However, Jews have always colluded and will forever continue to do so – it is literally their only method of existing. Thus, they do everything to keep people from uniting – fabricating inter-ethnic strife or appealing to ego and delusions of grandeur as with objectivism.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes kamerad Miecz, the very attitudes that Ayn Rand promoted to the American public, with the help of the jewish controlled American media, were the very opposite of what her own tribe and race strictly addhere to via Traditionalism and Law, they uphold Altruism and common welfare for their own but prevent and destroy all other beings from acting in the same manner. Yes what the Jews attempt to do, and with much success is destroy the social fabric of a Race or Folk or Nation that they have attached themselves to – causing disharmony and disunity to the Race or Folk or Nation that they inject themselves into, and that is all over the world. So like Ayn Rand, who serves as a typical Jew, we can see that she voices one attitude to the Goyim while practicing the complete opposite with her own Jewish tribe! because of this dislocation in their thought process, that they are trained to conduct from when they are born, Jews become permanently incapable of giving meaning to verbal expression, the constant feigning and hypocracy and concealment by false semblance, leads to mental illness and thus Paranoia!

    Yes, ‘Objectivism’ was designed by Jews as a fabrication to cause extreme Egotism, and Lone Wolf Syndrome within normal healthy social environments of non-Jewish Nations, Folks, Races, Tribes!

  • Mark Hess

    I know that this essay was written a significant amount of time ago. However, I just read it, and I would like to thank you for writing it. It is excellent.

    When looking at groups in America that are apparently concerned with nationalism and revisionist issues, it is absolutely alarming that there are so many people who consciously and unconsciously support and advance the poison of Ayn Rand (as well as that of Milton Friedman, Irving Kristol, Thomas Friedman, Mark Levin, etc. and etc.). I do not get it, whatsoever. Even before I became interested in such matters, I could not understand how anyone could read Ayn Rand’s writings, and read about her, and come to the conclusion that her thoughts were anything other than destructive and disgusting.

    Again, thank you for the essay.

    Post Script:

    I understand from the essay, “Process of Weeding Out the Bolsheviks,” that there was quite some disagreement between you and SSigune. I do not have much knowledge of economics, so, embarrassingly, it was a little difficult for me to follow. Apparently, that site is no more, and I do think it is unfortunate, as I thought there was a lot of information and writing there that was very good and challenging. Did you have any positive feelings about that site?

    Take care.

    • delendaestziobot

      Greetings Mark Hess, thankyou for your comments.

      Ayn Rand is America’s greatest “philosopher” and after the “holy bible” is the most popular writer in American history. And that really sums it all up. What I have written is the truth about Ayn Rand, she “writes” or rather is the pin-up girl or figure-head for Ziotrash “philosophy” for Ziobots. America is owned and run as a corporation by the U.S. Federal Reserve and Ayn Rand was a media personality who was an employee of the Federal Reserve.

      The fact that most Americans would consciously or unconsciously support the opinions of Ayn Rand and friends, makes sense, she is apt representation of the American mind – destructive and degraded and disgusting.

      I had to eliminate SSigrune blog as they were Bolsheviks, and I will not allow any Bolsheviks to influence the developing Aryanists. They might come back in another form, perhaps in greater numbers, if so then I will just fight to get rid of them again.



  • Mark Hess

    “Crimes of the Bolsheviks,” edited by Isabella Fanfani, can be found at darkmoon.me. It is excellent– a painful and eye-opening read.

  • Bob Dobalina

    Ayn Rand was a piece of shit. In her early work she praised a psychopathic child murderer named Hickman. WHEN will people wake up to the jewish threat? They are satan worshippers, ‘children of satan’ as the Son of God described them.

  • aufihrhelden

    And another one Russell Brand, pedlar of Jewish disinformation. Another stupid Jew who thinks that truth matters to the masses.

  • aufihrhelden

    This is a very good example of Jewish stupidity. The Jew Russell Brand acts controversial and makes a few comments, the Jewish press then pretends to get involved in the debate, all the time trying to point the blame onto anybody but the Jew.

    The methods they use are pathetic and laughable but what is more pathetic and laughable is that the Jew doesn’t realise that such ‘tactics’ are unnecessary !


  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Ayn Rand = Friedrich Nietzsche. If they were contemporaries, they’d love each other 98.7 percent of the time. Believe me.

  • aufihrhelden

    Zion thinks that truth matters so it thinks to itself with its dim-witted Zionist ‘intellect’, it thinks that it needs to convince the Masses (who actually control Zion, the MASSES CONTROL ZION) that the ‘implementation’ (or whatever) of its stolen gold hoard is a natural progression – for everyone! They tell certain truths about sound money when it suits them!

    Lynette Zang = Ayn Rand …


    • delendaestziobot

      Masses convince themselves that they are the masses, but what can they do when their leaders have already gone? The masses are the love child of Ayn Rand and Friedrich Nietzsche.

      • Hosner

        “Do you, Friedrich Nietzsche also known as Gay Science, of sound and colored mind, take as your spouse Lynette Zang, known also as Szandor Levi, to have and to hold beyond good and evil, to cherish and worship while prominently displaying the whip, untill the Jews confess that they are themselves the Messiah they profess to await?”

        “Yes and Amen.”

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