Third Reich Silver Standard

In the above links we have the exact monetary system as used by the Third Reich from 1933 -1939, as approved by Adolf Hitler as German Chancellor. Mintage ends in 1939 as war on Germany is declared and Silver is reserved and ceases in general circulation due to Silver being a strategic metal needed for the war effort, however Silver continues to serve as a reserve currency in bullion form until the end of the war in 1945.

2 REICHSMARK  – .625 SILVER – 4.55577 grams = .1607 TROY OUNCE

5 REICHSMARK – .900 SILVER – 11.3851685 grams = .4016 TROY OUNCE

This is the standard measurement for value in exchange of goods for the Third Reich, all notes, all bonds, all base metal change coinage denominations were convertible by law to this standard. This is the reason why:




SILVER as .999 pure, gives a perfect balance of 0.803 TROY OUNCE per 10 Reichsmark.

That is a Silver Standard approved by Juno and Adolf Hitler. One can trade on this standard without fear of counterfeit. One can use the Third Reich monetary system as a perfect balance of weights, as they say in the horse racing business; “correct weight.”

It is not difficult, you do not need to be Nikola Tesla to work it out. Adolf Hitler is the greatest economist of the 20th Century, you might as well just throw in the fire all your books on economics, because the Führer was right, and this is all you need to know, the coining of “money” is a measurement of purity and weight, a simple set of weights! For the Hitler Youth this monetary standard was a simple tool, like an army knife, a compass or a shovel, it is just a set of weights, that is all it is. Did you know that the biggest, most elaborate lies in history are designed to conceal the most basic truths?

Correct Weight

The numerical values are only there to achieve a balance, an equal exchange that cannot be counterfeited, well do you know anyone who can counterfeit .999 Silver? Do you know anyone who can counterfeit .999 Gold? No of course not, this why the German National Socialists had no problem linking their Silver monetary standard to a Gold standard, let the best man win! Do you know anyone who counterfeits paper notes? I do, all of the Jewish Central Banks in the world today! Did you know that Silver and Gold were never de-monetarized? Never, what was de-monetarized is your useless fiat paper notes, that being the case what would your slave-masters inform you of? THE OPPOSITE! They would tell you the opposite of the truth to keep you misinformed, and the keep the truth to themselves.

To this day all paper currencies are measured against a true valuable weight like Silver or Gold, US fighter pilots don’t carry US Dollars on missions, they carry British Gold Sovereigns, because at all times in all places Gold sovereigns are considered money, likewise Adolf Hitler always held Silver as a reserve currency for money:

Adolf Hitler’s personal Money Reserve

It makes me laugh when the ignorant blabber continuously about Hitler printing money, all numismatic experts know that paper Third Reich notes were convertible to an exchange for the Silver standard of the 2 and 5 Reichsmarks, a Reichsmark from 1933-1939 is 0.0803 of a .999 fine SILVER TROY OUNCE! Ten Reichsmarks equals 0.803 of a .999 Silver Troy Ounce.

Do you know where the imperial measure “Troy Ounce” originated from? It came from TROY! It was Britain that adopted Troy Ounce from Troyes France, which was founded by Trojans. France received all her civilization from royal Aryans of fallen Troy, as did Rome. Now Troy, it’s not that little bit of hilltop rubble those idiotic English charlatan ‘archeologists’ point to, Troy, which also went by the place-name of “Jerusalem”. The Grain Troy is used to measure unit mass of dry single seed GRAIN! A unit of mass for wheat, barley grains. One Troy ounce = 480 grains. Grains are used to measure water, medicine, gunpowder, metals, etc. It is the system of measurement that has been used for thousands of years, it is the Aryan imperial measurement system, the Reichs-MARK – (WEIGHT), the REICHS-WEIGHT! For the mass unit of Silver and Gold!

The Jewish system of money is this: Give a colourful printed piece of paper to an unsuspecting fool and pretend that it is exchangeable i.e. a good weight. Take the goods, products, services, property of the unsuspecting fools and in return give them an incorrect weight of conversion, i.e. a counterfeit paper note with numerical value printed on it that is ultimately worth no more than the piece of paper it is written on;

Jewish “Money” – 50 Million Marks (weights of Silver or Gold) i.e. FRAUD!

Basically the Fiat money system is a counterfeit note with bullshit jew lies printed on it! And that is the basis of our World System at the moment.

As soon as Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich established a system of weights based on the Silver Troy ounce, the Jews sent in their proxy Ziobot slave armies of Britain, America and USSR to destroy it, and replace it with their paper Fiat Fraud once again. And that is exactly what happened.

4 responses to “Third Reich Silver Standard

  • Miecz Elizejski

    “Did you know that the biggest, most elaborate lies in history are designed to conceal the most basic truths?”


    Great article. Jewish paper money is both the world’s biggest lie and it’s biggest joke.

  • oregoncoug

    Allow a small pun when I say your logical force and clarity in this and other essays is truly sterling. Your Aryan stubbornness prevents you from suffering fools gladly. May your fanatic spirit NEVER apologize to other men for anything! Even if you were to get some fact or other wrong, that would never be significant because the purity of your fanatic loyalty will always command the moral high ground. In our struggle that is the only thing that really matters.

  • aufihrhelden

    The British authorities would not allow German cruise ships to dock in British ports because they did not want the British people (slaves) to see the wonderful conditions that the German people (men and women living under the protection of Their Fuhrer and of Natural Law) were accustomed to.

    I include this comment under this essay because a silver standard meant that the means of exchange used, in this case silver, for energy expended remained with the people, that is to say that the German people kept THEIR wealth that they had worked for ; it flowed through society and held its value because silver contains all the fundamental characteristics of real money. Today, an enforced (mark that well, the word enforced) fiat system means that all the true wealth will eventually flow through to the bankers.

    German people could spend some of their wealth on a holiday if they wished knowing that the rest of their wealth and future wealth would hold its value ; today people are encouraged to take a holiday but only because it means that they will have to run even faster on the treadmill to earn ever more depreciating bits of paper and it also contributes to the velocity of the fraudulent paper (Jews like a nice constant speed of their paper flowing round and round and then back to them, they don´t want people buying real assets and just sitting on them).

    The Fuhrer brought bread to the German people and then he brought them the means to keep hold of the fruits of their own labour and that is one of the reasons why The Third Reich had to be destoyed.

    Heil Hitler !

  • delendaestziobot

    Of course this was a closely guarded secret, but only because those who held this secret had no understanding of the masses whom they imagined they had to keep their simple banking secrets from. But because I understand the human masses, I know that you do not need to hide such things from them, because they do not care, as I have proven ad nauseam, the masses whom I have had the unfortunate experience of knowing care nothing for such matters, if they were told by whomever butters their bread that 2+2=5, then in their minds 2+2=5, and they will repeat it until the day they die.

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