“The Phoney War”

The British Expeditionary Force was formalized in 1938, in preparation for a full-scale military take-over of Germany by the Allied forces, just as in the previous world war, Britain and France declared war on Germany without any verifiable threat to their own borders. In 1939 British and French troops begin to amass along the Maginot line separating Belgium and France, and France and Germany, the excuse for the military buildup is “annexed Austria”, other blockades & sanctions are placed on Germany in breach of international law, and countless other incitements of war. On March, 13th, 1938, the people of Austria and Germany voted democratically on the re-unification of Austria with Germany, the result was 99.3% of votes in favour of the re-unification of Austria and Germany, less than 1% of all German and Austrian voters voted against the re-unification of Austria and Germany. This democratic referendum is the only excuse given by Britain and France as to the reason why they would be amassing hundreds of thousands of troops and manning battle stations along the Maginot line. For over three months materials, supplies, vehicles, armoured divisions and more troops continued to arrive, by 13 March 1940 the British Expeditionary Force numbered 316,000 men, and by May 1940 there were ten infantry divisions, the 1st Army Tank Brigade, the BEF Air Component RAF detachment consisting of approx. 500 aircraft and the Advanced Air Striking Force (AASF) long-range RAF force. These forces were led by General Headquarters (GHQ) consisting of  Headquarter troops (1st Battalion Welsh Guards, 9th Battalion The West Yorkshire Regiment and the 14th Battalion The Royal Fusiliers), the 1st Army Tank Brigade, 1st Light Armoured Reconnaissance Brigade and the HQ Royal Artillery 5th Infantry Division.

On the 10th May 1940 these military forces were joined by the 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division and the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade, and then on 13 June 1940, the formation of military British Expeditionary Force was joined by the ‘Norman Force’ comprised of the 3rd Armoured Brigade, 157th infantry Brigade, 71st Field Regiment R.A., and Troop Carry Company, 52nd Division.

This phase of early World War II is named “The Phoney War”, which is an apt name, it was indeed a phoney war, in the sense that it was fabricated by the Allies as a pretense to invade and destroy Germany. The British Expeditionary Force was formalized in March 1938, after the re-unification of Austria and Germany, which was a democratic referendum. The British Expeditionary Force was deployed and the Invasion of Germany begun on 3 September 1939, this was the day when Britain declared war on Germany….again, Britain declared war on Germany!

Part of the “Phoney War” conducted by the Allies was the “Invasion of Poland”, just like “annexed Austria”, the Allies used this phoney war propaganda to justify to their own ignorant citizens that Germany needed to be attacked and literally destroyed, along with any sovereign states that allied themselves with Germany or even neutral! In fact Britain was even willing to attack and kill her own allies and did so to the French! The “Invasion of Poland” by Germany which was trumpeted from the Parliament floors and Newspaper stands, was not in reality an “Invasion” perpetrated against Poland, it was the defense and prevention of further Genocide of German minorities in Poland by Polish majorities, and an acknowledgement of repeated threats and provocations.

The slaughter and genocide of 10,000’s of Germans in Poland, also freezing of German assets, destruction of German property, theft of German property, the forced mass ejection of 100,000’s of Germans from what was their own native land, and most disturbingly the torture and mutilation of  German folk of all ages for no reason other than they were German. This is all recorded, photographically documented, publically stated and established fact beyond doubt, the Polish atrocities committed against Germans and the provocation, incitement and sabre-rattling against Germany by the Polish nation are all historical fact. There were reported incidents of crimes against German minorities in Poland stretching back to the end of WWI, crimes that were recorded and reported by German authorities to the League of Nations, yet there was no action taken by the League of Nations, which is a total neglect of the duties they are supposed to be established for.

Germany’s actions were for the defence and prevention of further genocide of Germans by Poles in Poland, and the German State would not be a State unless it upholds the right to defend its own people within and without their own borders, Germany was in fact legally obligated to defend her people in Poland, required to do so for the prevention of the genocide of German people, by a another newly formed State assembled from the injustices of the Treaty of Versailles! A State that had repeatedly and without any justification other than racial hatred systematically and publically slaughtered , tortured, burned, mutilated and murdered, tens of thousands of ethnic Germans, on what was their own native land! And this is the reason that Britain gave as proof that Germany should be completely destroyed and all ethnic racial Germans killed in a bloody second World War, by any means possible. What kind of madness is that?

Clearly the act of war mongering, Britain’s ‘Phoney War’ behalf is utterly contemptible, instead of protecting the sovereignty of Poland, a deliberate cynical lie and propaganda cover was fabricated, it was indeed rather a full-scale military commitment to destroy the Reich of Germany and genocide all within her borders and without, an act that was already being gruesomely carried out by the Polish State. The fact that Russia also attacked Poland seemed not an issue to the British, and the question that would be asked is, why? Well, I would not expect a straight answer but conclude that Britain was not actually interested at all in the sovereignty of Poland, seeming that Russia had invaded from the East to take Poland, without a whimper from Britain, it is clear to see that Britain would have had to declare war on Russia, for genuine interest to have been present on their part, but no, it was never Britain’s intention to protect the Polish people or their State, the British intention was as it was in WWI –  declare war on Germany and embark on a full-scale military conquest of Germany by any means possible whatever the cost. And the reason for this was that Britain at that time was the main proxy armed force for the International Banking Elite and World Jewry, that is all Britain was in 1939, they are less than that today of course, as America has now dutifully taken over that role as robotic police enforcer and mindless mercenary armies for private Jewish Banking Interests.

Let us now read from the Speech made by the Führer and Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler at the Langer Market in Danzig on Tuesday, September 19, 1939.

“My Gauleier! My dear fellow-countrymen and fellow country-women of Danzig!

You are not alone in experiencing this moment with the deepest emotion; the whole German nation is experiencing it too. I myself am conscious of the greatness of this hour. For the first time I am treading upon soil of which German settlers had taken possession five hundred years before the first white men settled in what is today New York State. It is thus five hundred years longer that this soil was German. had remained German and will of this we may all be convinced – remain German.

The fate which this town and this beautiful country have experienced has been a fate of the whole of Germany. The World War, the most senseless struggle of all time, numbers this country and this town among its victims, the World War which brought losses to all and gains to none, the World War which after it’s close must have left every one of us firmly convinced that a similar fate should never overtake us again, and which unfortunately today appears to have been forgotten by the very people who at the time were the main inciters to war and probably also the parties chiefly interested in that universal slaughter. When the murderous conflict of those days, into which Germany entered without any aims of war, came to an end, humanity was to be assured a peace which would lead to a rebirth of justice and thereby to a final abolition of all distress. At Versailles this peace was not put before our nation as a matter for free negotiation, but was forced upon us as a brutal dictate. The progenitors of this peace visualized in it the end of the German nation. There may have been many people who believed that this peace would mean the end of all distress, yet it was only the beginning of new entanglements. There was however one point where those who instigated and ended that war were mistaken. By their peace they did not succeed in solving a single problem, but only created countless new ones. It was only a question of time until the German nation, which they had trampled underfoot, would rise up again in order to find, of its own accord, a solution for the problems which had been forced on it. For the essential problem was completely overlooked in those days, namely, the fact that nations happen to exist, irrespective of whether this may suit the war-mongers. The grossest injustice was done to Germany by the treaty of Versailles. If a statesman of another nation considers himself justified in declaring today that he has no confidence in the word of German statesmen and of the German nation, than we Germans have the right to reply that we lack all confidence in the assurances of those who at that time so miserable broke their most solemn promises.

I do not intend to speak about the injustices of Versailles. Perhaps the worst thing in the lives of the nations is not so much the injustice, but the senselessness, the folly, and utter stupidity with which in those days a peace was imposed upon the world, that completely disregarded all historical, economic, national and political facts. Regulations were arrived at which actually force one to doubt whether the men who perpetrated them were really in their right mind. Devoid of all knowledge of the historical development of these districts, devoid even of all economic understanding, these people juggled about with Europe, tore States apart, divided up countries, suppressed and handed over nations, destroyed culture.

This land too, was a victim of that madness and the Polish State itself a product of this folly. What Germany had to sacrifice for this Polish State the world probably does not know. One thing only I should like to declare here: The development of all the territories which were at that time incorporated into Poland is entirely due to German energy, German industry, and German creative work. They owe their cultural importance exclusively to the German nation.

At that time the pretext for rendering more than a whole province from the Reich and for allocating it to this new Polish State was that it was a matter of racial necessity. Actually the plebiscite held at a later date showed in every case that nobody really had any desire to be incorporated in this Polish State. This same Poland which owes its existence to the supreme sacrifice of countless German regiments, expanded, without regard for reason or economic considerations, at the expense of territory in which Germans had settled centuries ago. One thing has been clearly proved during the last twenty years. The Poles, who are responsible for the introduction of this culture, were not even able to preserve it. It has become evident once more that only those who are themselves gifted with creative power are capable of sustained and genuine cultural achievement. Another fifty years of Polish rule would have sufficed to reduce once more to barbarism these districts which Germans by their painstaking efforts and zeal had redeemed from a state of savagery. Symptoms of such a relapse and decay were already apparent everywhere.

Yet Poland herself was a State composed of various nationalities; the very thing was created which had been regarded as a primary fault of the old Austrian State.

Actually, Poland herself was never a democracy. An infinitesimal, degenerate upper class ruled not only over foreign nationalities, but also over what they called their own people. It was a State ruled by brute force, by the police and, as a last resort, also by the army. The lot of the Germans in this country was terrible. There is a considerable difference whether a people of inferior cultural importance has the misfortune of being ruled over by culturally superiors or whether a people with higher cultural standards has to endure the tragic fate of having to submit to a rule of violence inflicted by an inferior people, for this inferior people will develop all kinds of inferiority complexes and the reaction will make them turn against the superior and cultured people whom they will cruelly and barbarously ill-treat. The Germans have had to endure this fate for close to twenty years.

There is no need for me to describe in detail the lot of the Germans. It was, as I have already emphasized, both tragic and deplorable. Nevertheless, here as in every other instance I tried to reach a settlement which might have led to an equitable compromise. I once did my best to achieve a final settlement of the frontiers, first in the West and later in the South of the Reich, to eliminate the element of danger in the provinces concerned and to secure peace in the future. I did my utmost to achieve the same here. At that time there was in Poland a man whose insight and energy were incontestable. I succeeded in coming to an agreement with the late Marshall Pilsudski, which was intended to pave the way towards a peaceful understanding between two nations, an agreement which, from the outset, did not sanction anything that was created by the Treaty of Versailles, but which endeavored to lay at least the foundations for a reasonable and tolerable side-by-side existence by completely ignoring that treaty.

As long as the Marshall was alive it seemed as if this attempt might indeed lead to an improvement of the tense situation. Immediately after his death, however, an intensified anti-German campaign began. This campaign, which took numerous and varied forms, embittered and complicated the relations between the two nations in an increasing degree. In the long run it was extremely difficult to look on patiently while in a neighbouring country, whose very existence had caused grevous harm to Germany, the German minorities were being persecuted in the most barbarous way. The world, ready to shed tears whenever a Polish Jew who immigrated to Germany only a comparatively short time ago is turned out – this same world remained absolutely deaf to the sufferings of those who, in compliance with the Treaty of Versailles, were forced to leave their native land not by the thousand but by the million. The world was deaf for the simple reason that they were Germans.

The fact, which for all of us was not only depressing, but at the same time infuriating, was that we had to submit to all this at the hands of a State which was vastly inferior to us. After all Germany was undeniably a Great Power, even though a few madmen believed that they could abolish the vital rights of a great nation by means of an insane enforced treaty.

How could a Great Power like Germany be expected to look on how a much inferior people and much inferior State maltreated Germans in these territories? Two conditions in particular were quite unbearable. Firstly, a city, whose German character could not be contested by anyone, was not only prevented from finding its way back to the Reich, but an attempt was also made to colonize it systematically and gradually by a thousand means and ways. Secondly, communication with a province separated from the German Reich was interfered with by all kinds of petty chicanery or made dependent on the benevolent attitude of the Polish State. No other power in the world would have put up with such conditions for so long a time as Germany did. I cannot imagine what England for instance would have said to a similar solution, purporting to establish peace at her expense, of how France or the United States of America would have accepted such a solution.

I tried to find ways and means for a bearable solution of this problem also. These endeavours I submitted verbally to the former Polish rulers. With these proposals you are all familiar, they were more than reasonable. I attempted to arrive at an understanding doing  justice to our desire to re-establish a connection between East Prussia and the Reich, on the one hand, and the economic demands of the Poles, on the other. I consider myself justified in saying that at the time I was more than modest. There were moments when I reflected and asked myself over and over again whether before my own people I could take such a responsibility of submitting such proposals for a solution to the Polish Government. My only reason for doing so was that I was anxious to spare both the German Reich and the Polish people the sufferings resulting from another conflict.

During the course of this spring I have again repeated this offer in the most concrete form.

Danzig was to return to the Reich. An exterritorial road was to be built to East Prussia – at our expense of course. In return Poland was to receive the most extensive Free Port rights, and similar exterritorial access. I, on the other hand, on top of that, was prepared to guarantee the existing frontiers, hardly bearable as they were, and finally to let Poland participate in guaranteeing the safety of Slovakia. I cannot imagine what a state of mind the Polish Government was in when it rejected these proposals. I do know, however, that untold millions of Germans gave a sigh of relief because they were of the opinion that in making those proposals I had gone to far.

Poland’s reply was to order the first mobilization, immediately followed by ferocious terrorism. My request to the then Polish foreign Minister to visit me in Berlin in order to discuss this question with me was once more rejected, instead of coming to Berlin, he went to London!

There followed those weeks and months of ever-increasing threats, threats hard to bear for a small State, but absolutely unbearable in the long run for any Great Power. In Polish newspapers we could read that Danzig was not the problem, but rather East Prussia, and that Poland should annex East Prussia before long. These threats finally went into extremes. Other Polish papers declared that even East Prussia meant no solution of the problem, but that the Pomerania too ought under all circumstances to become part of Poland, and finally it was declared doubtful whether Oder would do as a boundary because in reality the natural Polish boundary was not the Oder but the Elbe! The only thing about which people racked their brains was whether our army was to be torn to shreds this side or the other side of Berlin. A Polish general who has now miserably left his army in the lurch, declared that he would hack Germany and German army to pieces.

Simultaneously a veritable martyrdom began for our German brothers in Poland. Tens of thousands of them were brutally driven away, maltreated or put to death in the cruelest manner; sadistic maniacs gave way to their perverse instincts, and the pious democratic world looked on calmly without raising a finger.

I have often asked myself the question: Who could have blinded Poland? Did they really think that the German nation would for any length of time tolerate such behaviour on the part of so ludicrous a State? Evidently it was believed, because from a certain quarter the Poles were told that it might be possible; from the same quarter where the chief war-mongers have sat not just for the last twenty years or so, but for hundreds of years, and where they still sit today. It was stated by them in that Germany was negligible as a power; they made Poles believe that they would not have the slightest difficulty in opposing Germany, they actually went one step further: the Poles were finally given the assurance that if their own power of resistance was not strong enough, they might at any time count on the resistance, that is assistance of another party. They gave that marvelous guarantee which empowered a meglomaniac small State to start a war or, alternatively, not to start one.

To these men, indeed, Poland was only a means to an end. For today they admit quite frankly that they were not primarily concerned with Poland but with the German regime. I always warned you of these men. You will remember my speeches at Saabrucken and at Wilhelmshaven. In both these speeches, I have pointed to the dangers which must arise when, in a country in which one can never be certain whether these men will not shortly enter the government. I was told at the time that would never be the case.

In my opinion they are the government now. So what I foresaw then has come true. At that time, I decided to warn the German nation for the first time of these men, and to leave no doubt that Germany would under no circumstances capitulate again before their threats and not even before the brute force of these men.

The answer of mine was most fiercely attacked in those days. For a certain practice has gradually developed in these democracies, which consists in war-mongering being permitted in democracies. Foreign regimes, foreign statesman, and foreign heads of State may be attacked, maligned, insulted and vilified, because freedom of speech and of the press prevails there. In totalitarian States, on the other hand, one is not allowed to defend oneself, for their discipline prevails. It follows therefore that the war-mongering is only permissible in undisciplined States, while in disciplined States no answer may be given. In practice, this would lead to the nations in undisciplined States being incited to war, whereas in so-called disciplined States the nations have no notion of what is happening. I therefore resolved to inform the German nation gradually of the machinations of this criminal clique and I thus gradually awoke in them the German nation that defensive attitude of mind which I considered necessary, lest it should one day be taken by surprise.

By September the situation had become untenable. You are familiar with the developments of those days in August. I still believe that without the British guarantee and the agitation of the war-mongers it would have been possible during last August to arrive at an understanding. There was a certain moment when England herself tried to arrange for direct discussions between ourselves and Poland, for which I was quite prepared; the Poles, however, failed to turn up. For two whole days I and my Government waited in vain in Berlin. In the meantime I had worked out a new proposition, which is known to you. On the evening of the first day I had communicated to the British Ambassador in Berlin, to whom it was read sentence for sentence, additional comment being given by the Foreign Minister. The next day came and nothing happened, except for the Polish general mobilization, fresh acts of terror and countless attacks upon Reich territory.

In the life of the peoples, too, patience should not always be mistaken for weakness. With unbounded patience I have waited for years and years watched these continuous provocations. Only few people can really judge of what I suffered during this long time, when hardly a month passed, nay, hardly a week, during which not one or the other deputation came to me from these territories, describing to me the unbearable situation of the Germans and imploring me again and again to intervene. I have always asked them to try just once more. This went on year after year. But in recent times I occasionally expressed a warning to the effect that some day an end must be put to this state of affairs; and now after months and months of waiting and fresh proposals, I finally decided – as I already said before the Reichstag – to talk to Poland in exactly the same language in which the Poles considered themselves entitled to talk to us, that is to say, the only language which they, apparently, are able to understand.

Even at that moment peace might still once more have been saved. Our friend Italy, that is to say the Duce, intervened and made a proposal for the adjustment of the questions at issue. France agreed, and I, too, expressed my consent. Great Britain again rejected this proposal and instead believed herself entitled to present the German Reich with an ultimatum limited to two hours and containing an impossible demand. The British were labouring under one great misapprehension: in November 1918 there was a German Government “kept” by them, and they are mistaking the present German regime for the one “kept” by them, and the present German nation with the then misled and deluded German people. Present day Germany refuses to be offered any ultimatums, of which we would have London take notice!

During the last six years we had to put up with unheard-of things from States like Poland, yet I never sent any ultimatums. I know that Poland, in choosing war, did so because others instigated her to start a war, that is to say, those others who believed that they might use this war to carry through their biggest world-political and financial transaction. It will not only not be their biggest business transaction, but also their greatest disappointment!

Poland has sown war and reaped war. She has light-heartedly thrown down the gauntlet because certain Western statesmen assured her that they possessed exact information regarding the inefficiency of the German army, the inferiority of its equipment, the poor morale of our troops, the defeatist feeling among the population of the Reich, and the discrepancy alleged to prevail between the German people and their leaders. The Poles had been talked into the belief that it would be an easy matter for them not to resist but also to repulse our armies. And it was upon such advice given to Poland by Western General Staff members that she made her plans for her military operations.

In the meantime, only 18 days have passed, and there is hardly a case in history where the old saying:

“The Lord hath beaten them, –  Horse, man and chariot”

could be applied more aptly.

While I am addressing you here, our troops occupy a line extending from Lemberg to Brest and further to the North, and at this very moment, in fact since yesterday afternoon, endless columns of the beaten Polish army are leaving the Kutno region as prisoners. Yesterday morning they numbered 20,000, last night 50,000, this morning 70,000, and I don’t know what their number is now. One thing, however, I know for certain, whatever formations of the Polish army stand west of that line will capitulate, surrender arms or be annihilated within a few days.

At this moment our grateful hearts turn to our men. The German armed forces have given these talented statesmen, who were so well-informed about conditions in the Reich, the necessary demonstration in kind. Marshall Rydz-Smigly lost his bearings. He was last heard of in Czernowitz instead of Berlin and with him were his whole Government and all the deceivers who drove the Polish people into that act of insanity.

The German soldiers have done their duty to the utmost, on land, at sea and in the air. The German infantry has again shown itself to be the incomparable master of the situation. It’s bravery, its courage and its efficiency have often been aspired to but never equaled. The up-to-date equipment of our mechanized units has proved to be of high excellence. The men of our navy do their duty admirably, while the German air force keeps watch over everything and guards German territory. The people who dreamed of crushing germany and of razing german cities to the ground have grown very silent, because they know perfectly well that for every bomb dropped on a German town five or ten will be returned. But do not let them pretend that they are adopting this method of warfare out of shear humanity! It is out of fear of reprisals.

At this point let us do full justice to the Polish soldiers. The Poles have fought bravely in many places. Their non-commissioned officers did their utmost; their officers lacked intelligence; their supreme command was an absolute failure. Their organization was just Polish.

At this moment, approximately 300,000 Polish soldiers have been taken prisoner; almost 2,000 officers and many generals share the same fate.

But I must also mention that side by side with the acknowledged bravery of many Polish units stand the most loathsome deeds which perhaps have occurred anywhere during the last centuries. Things have happened which I as a soldier in the World War, who only fought on the Western front, never had an opportunity of experiencing.

I am thinking of the thousands of slaughtered Germans, of the bestially butchered women, girls and children, of the countless German soldiers who, when wounded, fell into the hands of the enemy. They were massacred, their eyes were torn out, they were brutally mutilated. And worst of all: the Polish Governor openly admitted by its own broadcasts that the airmen who parachuted to the ground were murdered. There were really moments when the question arose whether under these circumstances it was possible to refrain from taking retaliatory action. I have not learnt that a single democratic statesman went to the trouble of protesting against this barbarity. I gave orders to the German air force to wage this war humanely, that is to say to attack fighting troops only. The Polish government and the supreme command ordered their civilian population to carry this war as snipers firing from hiding places. It was very hard not to lose one’s self-control. But I should like to emphasize here: Let no one in the democratic States imagine that this state of affairs must need continue forever. If they want a change of methods they can have it. Here, too, my patience may come to an end.

despite this treacherous method of making war, which cannot find its equal in the last twenty years or more, our army accounted for this enemy with lightning speed. Still one English paper announced a few days ago that I dismissed a major-general because I had counted upon a lightning war and was bitterly disappointed at the slow progress of our operations!

This article seems to have been penned by the very strategist who gave the Poles strategic advice for the disposition of their armies. Thus we have utterly defeated Poland in barely eighteen days, and by so doing brough about a state of affairs which may perhaps enable us some day to confer reasonably and calmly with the representatives of that nation.

In the meanwhile Russia has on her part found it necessary to march into Poland to safeguard the interest of the White Russian and Ukrainian minorities there. We are now experiencing the phenomenon that England and France look upon this co-operation between Germany and Russia as a monstrous crime. One Englishmen actually described it as perfidy – after all, they ought to know. I suppose England considers this action because Democratic England’s attempt to co-operate with Bolshevist Russia failed, whereas the attempt of National Socialist Germany to co-operate with Bolshevist Russia has now succeeded.

At this point I want to make one thing quite clear: Russia remains what she is and Germany will remain what she is. But both regimes have agreed on one point, namely, that neither the Russian nor the German regime is willing to sacrifice a single man in the interest of the Western democracies. Both these States and both these peoples therefore refuse this offer with thanks. We intend in the future to look after our own interests, and we have discovered that we can best safeguard those interests if the two greatest peoples and States come to an understanding.

That is all the easier since the British assertion regarding the unlimited aims of  German foreign policy is merely a lie. I am glad to be able to prove to the British statesmen the falsity of this statement. Those British statesmen who continually declared that Germany intended to rule Europe as far as the Urals will now be delighted to learn the limits of Germany’s political intentions.

I believe, however, that it will deprive them of another pretext for war, since they declare that the very reason which forced them to fight against the present regime is because that regime was pursuing unlimited war aims.

Well, Gentlemen of the Great British Empire, Germany’s aims are definitely limited. We have discussed the matter with Russia who is after all the neighbor whose interests are most involved. England should therefore actually welcome the fact that an agreement between Germany and Soviet-Russia has been reached, for this agreement at the same time serves to dispel that nightmare about the alleged “world conquest aspirations” of the present German regime which robbed British statesmen of their sleep. They will be relieved to learn that it is not true that Germany either wants today or ever wanted to conquer and Ukraine. Our interests are very limited. Admittedly we are determined to safeguard these interests against any danger and against any aggressor. And the past eighteen days furnish ample proof that we are not prepared to stand any nonsense.

What the final political formation of this big region will finally look like will depend mainly on those two countries whose most vital interests are involved. Germany puts forward limited, but irrevocable demands, and she will realize these demands one way or another. Here, instead of a hotbed of trouble for Europe, Germany and Russia will bring about a situation which later on will be recognized as a relief from the tension. If the Western powers declare that this must not take place, and if England in particular declares that she is determined to oppose such a development, if necessary by a war lasting three, or it may be five or even eight years, the I should like to reply as follows:

Firstly, Germany accepted the final fixing of her frontiers in the West and in the South at a heavy sacrifice, in order thereby to bring about a final lasting peace. We believe that we had succeeded in this and I believe that we should have succeeded had it not been to the interests of certain war-mongers to create a disturbance of the peace in Europe.

I have no warlike intentions against either England or France. Nor has the German nation any such intentions. Since I have been in office I have endeavoured to re-establish gradually closer relations based on mutual confidence, especially with our opponents in the Great War. I endeavored to remove all the tension once existing between Ital and Germany, and I can now state that my efforts met with complete success, and that the relations established between the two countries are steadily becoming closer and more cordial, based as they are on the close personal and friendly relations between the Duce and myself.

I went even further. I endeavored to obtain the same good relationship with France. Immediately after the settlement of the Saar question I solemnly renounced all claims to a revision of the frontier settlement in the west for all time and not merely in theory, but also in practice. I have used the entire German propaganda service for the purpose of making my attitude known and eliminated everything which could possibly have given rise to doubts or anxiety in Paris.

You know my offers to England. I only had the great aim of concluding an honorable friendly relationship with the British nation. If all this has now been turned down and if England today believes that she must wage war against Germany, I should like to answer as follows: Poland will never rise up again in the form given to her by the Treaty of Versailles. For this not only Germany, but also Russia are in the last resort guarantors. If England now seems to be altering her objectives in this war, i.e. is in reality revealing her true objectives, I should to comment on this. It is said in England that this war was naturally waged for Poland, but that this was only a secondary issue; more important is the war against the present regime in Germany. They do me the honor of mentioning me by name as a representative of this regime. If this is their real objective in this war, then I should like to give the following answer to the gentlemen in London: You can do me no greater honor than to think of me in this way.

It was a matter of principal to me to educate the German nation in such a way that every regime which is praised by our enemies is regarded as poisonous and therefore rejected by the German nation. If, therefore, the German regime should meet with the approval of Messrs, Churchill, Duff Copper, Eden, etc, then this regime would at the most be paid by these gentlemen, and thus be intolerable for Germany. This of course cannot apply to us. We may therefore consider it rather an honor to be disapproved of by these gentlemen and I can only assure them of one thing: if they were to praise me it might be a matter of profound grief to me. I am proud to be attacked by them. But if they should think they can thereby alienate the German people from me, they must either consider this people to be as utterly lacking in character or as stupid as they themselves are.

Here they make a twofold mistake. National Socialism has not educated Germans in vain for the last twenty years. All of us are men who have experienced nothing but attacks throughout their long struggle. That has only increased the affection of our supporters and bound us all the more insoluble together.. And just as the National Socialist Party fought that battle for years until victory was theirs, so do National Socialist Germany and the German people take up this fight today. I can assure those gentlemen that their ridiculous propaganda will no longer act as a disintegrating factor among the German people. Those dabblers ought first to take elementary lessons in propaganda from us. If any nations are to be ruined, it will not be the German nation. We are fighting for our rights; we have no desire for the profit and the political interests of a small clique.

And if people say that this war will last three years, then I can only express my sympathy with the French “poliu.” Probably he has no idea what he is fighting for. He simply knows that he will have the honor of fighting for at least three years. As for that, we shall have some say in the matter too.

If  however, it should last three years, there will be no talk of capitulation either in the third or fourth year nor in the fifth, sixth or seventh. Let those gentlemen remember that the generation leading Germany today is not Bethmann-Hollweg’s generation. Today they are faced with a Germany with the spirit of Frederick the Great. The German nation will in no way disintegrate in the course of this fight, but will only be all the more firmly bound together. If anything should disintegrate it will be those states which consist of all kinds of races, like our plutocratic world democracies, the so-called world empires, which are solely based on oppression of suzerainty over other nations.

We are simply fighting for our existence. We do not believe the lies of those foolish propagandists who would make us believe that the war is aimed at a regime. Just imagine anyone saying: A country is ruled by someone who does not suit us; well then, let us go to war and fight for three years! Of course we should never think of fighting ourselves, and we hunt round the world until we find someone who will fight for us. We supply guns and ammunition, and the others supply grenadiers and soldiers, the man-power. What an utter lack of conscience! I wonder what they would say if we had ever declared – The actual regime in France or England does not suit us and therefore we shall start a war!- What an appalling lack of conscience! And for this reason millions of men are driven to their deaths!

But there is one thing about which there cannot be a shadow of a doubt. We shall accept any challenge, and we shall fight as our opponents fight. England is once again resorting to lies and hypocrisy in waging war against women and children. England has a weapon where she believes herself to be unassailable, her naval forces. And now she says: because we cannot be attacked by this weapon, we are justified in using it against the women and children not only of our enemies but even, if necessary, against those of the neutral countries. Once more I would warn them not to be mistaken. The time might come, perhaps very quickly, when we would make use of a weapon by which we cannot be attacked. Let us hope that they will then suddenly remember the laws of humanity and the impossibility of waging war against women and children. We Germans feel no desire to do so; it is not in our nature. In this campaign I have given orders to spare all towns if at all possible. Of course, if a detachment of soldiers crosses a market-place and is attacked from the air this may unfortunately result in a civilian being a victim. As a principal, however, we have kept to this rule of sparing towns, and not a window has been broken in places where no resistance was offered by mad or criminal elements. In a city like Cracow not a single bomb was dropped except the railway station, which is a military objective, and on the aerodrome. If in Warsaw, on the other hand, civilians now engage in fighting in every street and from every house the whole city will be involved as a matter of course. Hitherto we have kept these rules, and we should like to continue to do so.

England has the choice of carrying on the blockade in a way compatible with international law or in violation of it. We shall adapt it ourselves accordingly. Of one thing there can be no doubt. Since England no longer aims at fighting a regime, but fighting the German people, and even German women and children, our reaction will correspond to these aims. One thing will turn out to be certain: Germany will never capitulate.

We know full well what the fate of such a Germany would be. Mr King Hall, commissioned by his lords and masters, has kindly told us that it would take the form of a second Treaty of Versailles, only much worse. Meanwhile we have been favoured with detailed illustrations of what is being planned, of how Germany is to be split up, of how the South German countries are to be severed from the Reich, of what Poland is to be given back, what new States are to be created and which princes are to be crowned etc. The German people take note of all this and will fight accordingly.

Let me take this opportunity of expressing my thanks to the German people. They have indeed given wonderful proof during the past weeks not only of their inner solidarity but of truly great courage. Here too National Socialism has wrought a change. Some may say that the German people are not so enthusiastic as in 1914. They are far more enthusiastic; the difference is that today this enthusiasm is burning within their hearts and makes men hard. It is not a superficial jingo-patriotism that does no more than cheer, it is fervent determination. It is the enthusiasm of men who know war, who have been through a war. They have not entered upon it frivolously, but once forced into it they will fight as did the former German lines.

Just as on my visit to the front lines I saw all those regiments and divisions, young and old alike in the same frame of mind, so I see before me the German people as a whole. We have no need of jingo-patriotism today. We all know how terrible these happenings are. But we are fully determined to bring these happenings to a successful conclusion, come what may. None of us are better than those men and women of the past. The sacrifices they made were no lighter than the sacrifices we have to make today. None of the sacrifices expected of us are any harder than the sacrifices expected in the past.

We are determined, no matter what may happen, to go through with this fight and to hold our own. Our only wish is that God Almighty, who has now blessed our weapons, may enlighten the other nations, giving them the wisdom to recognize the futility of this war, this battle of nations, and that He may let them reflect on the blessings of a peace which they sacrifice simply because of a handful of infernal war-mongers and war-profiteers want to drive nations to war.

This is my first visit to the city of Danzig. It has shared the fate of the German nation for many centuries. Danzig and its sons fought in the Great War, and since then the city has endured a particularly hard lot. Now, after 20 years, she re-enters the great comity of the German nation. Much has changed in the Reich since then. What was formally States of classes and casts has now become the German people’s State.

A state which was once largely determined and governed by the interests of individual groups has now become a Reich which belongs to the german people and to no one else. The ideals governing our Reich have been instilled into this city for many, many years. Indeed, they have helped to rouse that spirit which made it possible tp preserve the German character of the town, filling it with that faith which made it hold out and wait for the hour of liberation.

The hour has come. You may judge of my own happiness that Providence has called me to realize the longings of the best of Germans. You may judge, too, how deeply moved I am at being able to speak to you and to the whole population in this venerable place of this city and land.

Once I made up my mind not to visit Danzig until this city had returned to the German Reich. I wished to enter it as its liberator. Today, this joy has been my lot.

In this joy I see, and take away with me, my abundant reward for many hours, days, weeks and months of care and worry. You must look on me, my dear people of Danzig, as the emissary of the German Reich and the whole German people who now receives you through me into our eternal community from which you will never be dismissed.

Whatever hardships may befall individual Germans in the coming months or even years will be easy to bear in the knowledge of the insoluble fellowship which enfolds and holds together our great people as a whole.

We receive you in this community, firmly resolved never to let you go again, and this resolve is of importance for the whole Movement and for the whole German people. Danzig was, is and remain German as long as there is a German nation and a German Reich. Generations will come and will go. They will all look back on the last twenty years of the separation of this city from the Reich as an unhappy period of your history. But they will not only recall the shame of the year 1918, they will also recollect with pride the time of the rise and resurrection of the German Reich which has now collected all the German tribes and unites them into a whole. We are determined to stand up for this Reich until death. Long live this Germany with its national comity of all German tribes, the German Reich!”


One of the great speeches, not only of the era, but any era! What more can you add? Hitler explains in no uncertain terms; the motivations and agendas of those behind conducting the “Phoney War”, that war was the continuance of the previous Great War, which was conducted against the German nation, a war against women, children and men, the total destruction of a country and the annihilation all her People, nothing less than total Genocide was the aim of the Allies headed by Britain and France, and America, and later Russia. And the reason for this senseless slaughter was as the Führer of Germany stated; because it suited a small private class of war-mongers and war profiteers who used the entire nations of Britain and her Allies as nothing more than mindless cannon-fodder! A proxy military force of mercenaries, one could I suppose blame them for their ignorance, that their crimes in the First and Second World Wars, their heinous crimes of barbarity committed against the women, children and men of Germany in both those wars was a result of the ignorance, the successful brainwashing that they are conditioned with from birth in their so-called Western Democracies, but that is not good enough, no, no they have the light of their conscience and the truth that they should know, being born with it, that every human being should know, this truth, these laws, universal laws of humanity are inherent in all souls if they are truly human beings! Ignorance is not an excuse for the people of Britain, France, America and all the Allies of  Zion, all those Allied to Zion paper idols of banking and usury and profiteering through ritual slaughter, the temple workers, the blind fools will be responsible for their actions, and will be held accountable whether in this life or the next, THY WILL BE DONE!!!!!


13 responses to ““The Phoney War”

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Very nice. The historical context is vital to understanding this speech. Along with the H-hoax, the Phoney War is a key element of WW2 revisionism.

    I have also seen the revisionist stance, a cynical stance, that Hitler was just “another tyrant.” It technically doesn’t make him the devil-figure that the Jews made him out to be, but it is still a lie. I think it follows a very precise propaganda pattern: you must either hate Hitler specifically, or put in him a group you hate. The propagated stance toward Jews is you must either like them or be apathetic to them. Should you find out about Jew crimes: You must either go along with their deeds or not care about their deeds. There is always that illusion of free choice, but the game is rigged.

    Information like this is the way out the mind trap. Even if we find it an unpleasant truth, the truth it still is.


    • delendaestziobot

      You’re right there komerad, what they are calling ‘revisionism’ often is just presenting two sides of the story, or just another reporter journalistic perspective that tends to after a while become like all reporter jounalism – ‘apathetic’…

      It would be a negative if us National Socialists and Aryanists get swamped by average ‘wanna-be journo’s’ & this type of all sided, fair, ‘balanced’ conjecture and debate leading into boring, middle class, democratized, emaciated ‘NEWS’!!!!!

      It’s not journalism that is needed, it’s Revolution that is required, a Revolution across all fields of endevour, there will be many that don’t really understand just what that means.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Another interesting thing about which there is little information, but probably just requires deep research, is that there was a Polish National Socialist Party formed in 1934! In January 1934, Marshall Pilsudski and Der Fuhrer Hitler formed a Non-Aggression Pact, which was to pave the way for negotions with Gdansk/Danzig and other things… this of course all fell apart when Pilsudski died (or “died”…) and Rydz-Smigly took over and he was totally anti-German. The Polish National Socialist party was made illegal in 1937. And on September 3rd, 1939 there was an order from Rydz-Smigly’s goverment to kill or displace ethnic Germans in Poland, most likely in effort to make it seem like there was no German minority in Poland, thus forming the idea (that still sticks to this day, in large) that Hitler was a power hungry maniac and just wanted to conquer his neighbors because he hated them for no reason.

    I tell you, Kamerad, the more I read, the more I see that: Adolf Hitler was ready for the World, but the World was not ready for Adolf Hitler.

  • delendaestziobot

    Oh true, I did not know that there was a Polish NS Party in 1934, so much to learn. I knew Pilsudski was doing the best he possibly could until he was poisoned. It really is a critical time period, just totally exposes the Allies for what they were.


    NO FATE!

  • Miecz Elizejski

    I have been looking for the source of the Rydz-Smigly quote that you use in this post, the one from the Daily Mail’s August 6th edition in 1939. That particular day was a Sunday, and here’s the thing: there was no Sunday Edition of the Daily Mail in 1939.

    These were the newspapers in Britain at the time:

    “National Sunday Papers” is the second category down. In fact, the Sunday Edition of the Mail, “Mail on Sunday,” was launched in 1982.

    I think it is correct that Rydz-Smigly had no intention of befriending Germany, but that quote is either wrongly attributed to the Mail, or it is just fabricated.

  • delendaestziobot


    I could not confirm the quote so I removed it. It would be interesting to have some english translations of Polish papers from that time relating to Rydz-Smigly. Perhaps you could dig something up on that subject, your translation skills would prove to be very useful in this matter.

  • aufihrhelden

    Reichstagsrede Adolf Hitlers

    28 April 1939

    Antwort an US-Prasident Franklin D Roosevelt

  • aufihrhelden

    The front page headline of today’s British Zionist newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ has the vile little Jew (my description, not theirs) Prince Charles stating that ‘Putin is acting just like Hitler’.

    Now the propaganda that the in-bred cretins try to promote with this headline is two-fold.

    Firstly, they want to give the impression that Adolf Hitler was just an ordinary man and therefore can be compared with other men in order to try and detract from the fact that Adolf Hitler is an avatar sent from the heavens. Putin is just a mere politician serving a purpose until his time has passed. This pathetic tactic is also used against the other Holy God Man, that of Bayreuth last year they tried to compare him with Verdi …

    Secondly, the pathetic child-like tactics Zion used in the Second World War (described in the essay above) are now being used in the Ukraine (which was liberated in 1941 but, of course, they’d never mention that), they try and provoke the ‘opposition’ into action and then blame the said opposition when the said ‘opposition’ tries to defend itself. But, of course, The Third Reich was built on The Will Of Man whereas the modern day Russian Federation (Federation, what kind of a word is that ?) is just a corporation. Still, perhaps Neuschwabenland pull the strings, continuing the Great Work of Skorzeny and Serrano …

    The Jews don’t even realise that readers of Zionist publications are inherently evil anyway so there’s actually no need to tell any lies … !!

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, that is about the sum total of the propaganda going on there, really very child-like, and just the same old propaganda recycled over and over again. The real Ukrainian revolutionaries were the SS Galician Division, made up of volunteers from the region of Galicia and also various other European regions. They were almost entirely destroyed in Battle on the Eastern Front.

      Putin looks like a small wax-works figure, a disgusting little creature it is. Russia continues it’s long downward slide into nothingness. Trying to make Putin into something that he is not is just the tactics used by the Ziobots, dissimulation tactics, again. Botox is good because we can identify the Ziobots more easily.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Jew propaganda organisation Reuters released a video stating that the massacres committed by The Poles against The German people in 1939 were, in fact, a ‘false flag’ attack committed by The Germans and blamed on Poland. They always invert and accuse others of what they do themselves. In all of this servile Jewish propaganda, THE FACTS ARE NEVER DISCUSSED. EVER. All they ever do (because they think that they are required to) is accuse and re-accuse and then accuse again using brand new adjectives taken from a dictionary whilst displaying a contorted facial expression as a result of all the effort that they find far too demanding because some of the words have more than two syllables.

    All controllers and employees of Reuters belong in a gas chamber, in fact gas chambers should become an integral part of any Fourth Reich and, more importantly, should be SEEN TO BE. Firstly, it would be giving these creatures their lies that they spout and crave so much ; outside, on the walls of the gas chambers (not wooden doors with holes in), their lies and crimes would be detailed so everything would be out in the open. There is a certain kind of justice in actually dispensing justice in the same manner that the evil wicked crimes (lies) were told. Secondly, of course, the nature of their crimes are evil and sadistic and thousands of years of history have proven that their nature’s can never be changed nor can People of Truth ever exist without living in a perpetual emergency whilst ever such creatures exist on this earth.

  • aufihrhelden

    Rudolf Hess flew to B’nai B’rith in 1941 but sixty-five years earlier, the Greatest Artwork in The History of The World premiered in full for the first time and from it :

    Flosshilde (to her sisters) : Look to the gold ! Father warned us against such a foe.

    Rudolf Hess flew to B’nai B’rith in 1941 but sixty-five years earlier, the Greatest Artwork in The History of The World premiered in full for the first time and from it :

    The Vassals : We’re coming in arms, we’re coming with weapons. Hagen ! Hagen !

    Page 66 of ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’ lists some of the visitors to The Obersalzberg but sixty-five years earlier, the Greatest Artwork in The History of The World premiered in full for the first time and from it :

    Siegfried to Mime : It’s enough for me to set eyes on you, to recognise evil in all that you do.


    Mime to Siegfried : For even if I hated you less and hadn’t so much of your hateful abuse and such shameful toil to avenge, I’d still waste no time in clearing you out of the way for how else could I gain the spoils as Alberich covets them too ?


    Siegfried to The Wanderer : At least you’re good for a laugh ! But listen, I’ll gossip no longer ; quickly show me the way and be on your own way too ! For nothing else do I deem you of use so speak or I’ll send you packing !

    All Heil The Master of Everything !!

  • aufihrhelden

    France is a disease between Germany and Spain.

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