What is Americanism?


By Julius Streicher

Editorial from Der Sturmer in 1944.

When one speaks of America, millions of Germans think of their relatives who either recently or long ago left their German homeland to seek their fortune in the “New World.”  When someone succeeded in quickly making a lot of money in America, people said he had made his fortune. The result was that the “rich uncle” in America was envied, and his nephews and nieces were encouraged to join the fortune seekers. Seeking fortunes in America led to Germany losing people, and the American continent received many people whose contributions are particularly clear in the agricultural and technical fields. That these people and their descendents now give great help to the enemies of Germany in this Second World War is a tragic fact.

The family ties between hundreds of thousands of German families and their American relatives led many to think that America would never join a second world war against Germany. Now that has happened, many Germans still believe that America will never allow Bolshevism to conquer and destroy Germany. Recent events have proven how false and dangerous this idea is. One has to be foolish or irredeemably stupid to believe that good can come to Europe from the land of presumed opportunity. That that did not happen after World War I, and will not happen after World War II. The Jews have made America what it is today: a nation raped by Jews, a nation whose 130,000,000 people of many colours and races have been forced into helping the Jews achieve world domination! The descendants of European immigrants do not govern the United States of today. The foreign and domestic policies of the country are made by Jews and their lackeys. The American people wanted peace, but were maneuvered into war by Delano Roosevelt, a tool of World Jewry, who himself has Jewish blood in his veins. It was the same in World War I, when Woodrow Wilson, also a tool of the Jews, maneuvered it into the war.

Cordell Hull, one of the most prominent Jewish lackeys, controls the foreign policy of the United States of America. Hull is a particular favourite of the Jews. He was the one who stood  alongside as Roosevelt lied to the American people and said that no American mother needed to fear that her son would fight in Europe. He and Roosevelt did everything they could to bring the United States into the Second World War. It is claimed the Cordell Hull is not a Jew. His appearance however leaves no doubt that Jewish blood is working its mischief in him and is producing that spirit that is typically Jewish. Perhaps it is this concealed Jewish blood that enabled him to overcome his horror when he married the baptized full Jewess Frances Witz. She is the daughter of the Jew Isaac Witz, who, as is well-known gained his wealth in ways that almost led him to prison or the electric chair. The New York Jewish newspaper “The American Hebrew” has this to say on 13 February 1942 about the Jewish spouse of the American Secretary of State Cordell Hull:  –  “She is a tireless supporter of all efforts to help mankind.”

It is an open secret that the Jews do not work, but rather let others work for them. The “tireless work” of the wife of the American Secretary of State must therefore be a different kind of work than is done by working people. What is meant by saying that the Jewess Hull works untiringly in “all efforts to benefit mankind?” It is written in the Jewish Law book, the Talmud, that only the Jew is human, that the Gentiles are only animals. When the Jew speaks of humanity, they mean only the totality of Jews. The Jewess Hull is therefore a “tireless worker” in the service of all Jews. What her “efforts to benefit mankind” are has become clear through the protocols of the 1897 World Jewish Congress in Basel. It concluded that the Jews must work to destroy the national characteristics of other Peoples through revolution, in order to make possible world domination by the Jews. In other words, the Jewess Hull is praised by the “American Hebrew” for being a tireless worker to establish world Jewish domination for the benefit of the Jews. The organized American air and ground pirates, who even call themselves murderers, are assisting in establishing this Jewish domination. The Jewish ties of the American Secretary of State are also evidenced by the fact that his sister is also married to a Jew.

During Hull’s term in office – he has served as Secretary of State since 4 March 1933 – the American State Department has been completely Jewdified. The Offices of the American State department are filled with Jews both young and old. The diplomatic representatives of the United States of America to other nations are almost entirely Jews. For example, the ambassador in Paris from 1933 to 1936 was the Jew P. Strauss. The ambassador in Moscow after 1933 was the Jew Bullitt (after he was in Paris). The Jew Sack has been ambassador to Costa Rica since 1933, the Jew Schonfeld ambassador to Finland since 1937, the Jew Steinhardt (from 1939-1942 ambassador to Moscow) has been ambassador in Ankara since 1942. Cordell Hull’s assistant secretary in the State Department is Jew Pasvolsky.

World Jewry has made clear its thanks to the Jewish lackeys President Delano Roosevelt and his secretary of the state Cordell Hull. Both Roosevelt and Hull received the highest honor World Jewry has to offer. “The American Hebrew Medal.” It is the medal that World Jewry awards only for particularly valuable services. The President of the United States and his secretary of state were made honoury Hebrews. Cordell Hull received yet another honor from the Jewish weekly “The American Hebrew.” It ran a long article in praise of the Jewish lackey Hull in its 13 February 1942 issue. He was praised as Roosevelt’s “diplomatic chief of staff,” as “one of the greatest statesmen of the world,” one who had earned a place in the ranks of “American immortals.” He was even called a “saint in serge.” Never before has a Gentile or a “Goy” been praised, even deified, so unanimously by Jewry as this Jewish-related, Jewish thinking, honorary Hebrew, the Jewish lackey Cordell Hull. This proves what Professor Werner Sombart wrote on page 43 of his book “The Jews and Economic Life”:

“One can rightly say that the United States owes what it is entirely to the Jews: that is, its American nature. What we call Americanism to a large degree is nothing other than the influence of the Jewish spirit.”

“The influence of the Jewish spirit” today dominates the United States of North America. “The influence of the Jewish spirit” is what drove the American people into the disaster of the First World War, and forced them also in this Second World War to sacrifice enormous amounts of its blood. “The influence of the Jewish spirit” will destroy the New World, unless a savior appears to rescue it from the abyss before which it stands.




The year 1492 was a great year for Spain, a year of victory, but 1492 was to be the year that North America the “New World” would begin its great age of suffering. In 1492 the legendary Aryan Crusaders Queen Isabella and King Fernando drove the Moors out of Spain, and began to rid their broken nation of that treacherous foe – the Synagogue Jews. By instituting the Inquisition, Queen Isabella had been mainly concerned with protecting the Catholic Church and driving out the secret marranos Jews from the hierarchy and membership of the Church (The Jews have always used the Churches as a cover for infiltration into the heart of their host nation). This to certain extents had been successful , however large numbers of Jews still ravished the country, betraying Spain to the Moors and the Moslems at every possible opportune time. Bernaldez, the Spanish historian of the time writes about the Jews:

“They, the Jews, live mostly in the larger cities, and in the most wealthy and prosperous and fertile lands – and all of them were merchants and vendors, and had control of the taxing privileges and were stewards of manors, cloth shearers, tailors, cobblers, leather dealers, curriers, weavers, spicers, peddlers, silk merchants, jewelers, and other similar occupations. Never did they till the soil, nor were they labourers, nor carpenters, nor masons; but all sought easy occupations and ways of making money with little work. They were cunning people…”

Queen Isabella and King Fernando finally decided that the Jews were the ruination of Spain, and that the only solution was the removal of the infectious weed at its very roots. On the last day in March 1492 they issued an edict ordering all Jews to leave their Kingdom on or before July 1st, taking with them no gold or silver or minted money, as it most likely belonged to the Kingdom of Spain as the Jews had arrived with nothing declared on their arrival. Some 200, 000 Synagogue (there were millions of marranos converted christian Jews in Spain) Jews packed up and left Spain, of course the Jews did not leave their Gold and Silver behind but had already arranged for a fleet of ships to take the majority of them to the “New World” – North America, which had of course already been long discovered, there was no Christopher Columbus as a single individual, that was just the trading name of  the shipping Company that transported the Spainish Jews to America. Many Jews also sailed for Africa – Cartagna, Arcilla and Fez in the Moorish kingdoms, were hundreds of thousands of Jews already resided.  Others proceeded to Portugal and were allowed entry on payment of a large Tax. Some went to Navarre France, still others did a round trip and arrived back in Spain newly baptized. Other high-ranking Synagogue Jews were welcomed with open arms by Pope Alexander VI as ‘refugees’ in Rome (the Jews have always been able to count on certain Vatican Popes to get them out of a tight spot, no different to today really). Interestingly Pope Alexander was born in Spain, and referred to his native land as “The Marrano”.

I would love to write more on the Aryan heroine Queen Isabella and how she saved Spain  from the ravages of the Synagogue Jews and allied Black Moors, and returned Spain to her former grandeur. Maybe another time. I just wanted to point out how the Jewish influence in the New World began, it was very early, from the very beginning settlements in North America were heavily under the influence of the Synagogue Jews, and remain so to this day, in fact much more so today, surely we have witnessed the heights- the very peak of Jewish domination of a single land, that is overwhelmingly represented by the United States of America – the highest achievement, the very eye in the 13 step pyramid of Zion- of  World Jewry! I wonder what Julius Streicher would say if he witnessed the United States of America today, he utterly condemned it in 1944, can you imagine today?

Gentile builders assisting in the construction of Zion.

5 responses to “What is Americanism?

  • Miecz Elizejski

    “Those who do not learn from history (or, are prevented from doing so) are doomed to repeat it.”

    The parallels between Germany in the 1920s and the USA right now, in many ways as well as Jewish subversion, are quite startling. Gentiles haven’t learned, so they’re being undermined. Jews haven’t learned, so they’re up to their same old tricks. In all probability, a radical reaction is destined to take place, but it will serve the World better if it is the Aryans who carry it out.

    A very timely look back at history, Kamerad. Even the Folk at VSS seem to think so!

  • aufihrhelden

    The Spanish people still have festivals today celebrating the banishment of The Moors. Oh what a glorious day it would be if they were to celebrate the banishment of The Jews …

    Popes in modern times assisting the Jews. Indeed …

  • aufihrhelden

    The really ‘right-on Freeman’ types find it easy enough to criticise America all the time but, of course, they always refuse to recognise the root cause of all the evil.


  • aufihrhelden

    The Talmudic Zionist Donald Trump has used the ‘Nazi’ card (in a disparaging sense, obviously) already. This from the Jewish media :

    Because Zionism is Imbecilic, the only thing that gives it is power is the fact that it possesses Weight of Numbers – an office worker in New York possesses far more power then Dumbo The Demiurge and that is why the English speaking masses have to go.

    If the above statement is not understood then it is because the reader does not understand the real Nature of the world.

    Heil Julius Streicher !

    • delendaestziobot

      Without doubt, Trump is the dumbest US president ever, which is good, because as the US people become dumber and dumber they will eventually end up at the level where they should be. As Hitler said, the Jews are the dumbest folk in the world, and this world favours the dumb…The fact that the US needs the Trump clown for their circus to continue is amusing…

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