German Labour Treasury Certificate Please?

Where is your German Third Reich Labour Treasury Certificate please? I would like to purchase one for my Third Reich memorabilia collection, I have never seen or heard of one so they must be extremely rare, no genuine dealer in Third Reich documents knows anything about them, but apparently according to some recent internet sources the NSDAP produced billions of them and built their economy on the back of paper Labour Treasury Certificates! I don’t know of any German business person that would have accepted such a certificate, or token, or note, what would have they exchanged them for? Well they could have only exchanged them for Silver Reichsmark because that was the only genuine currency in the Third Reich and for most of the Weimar Republic years as well.

What I do see is a bunch of poorly resolved propaganda from a few crypto clowns and libertarian ‘Nazi’ pretenders, communists basically, the likes of Ellen Brown and Henry Makow.  Their only piece of evidence for German ‘Labour Treasury Certificates’ is a spurious misquote from Hjalmar Schacht who became Reich currency commissioner in 1923, and was one of the main men responsible for the elimination of the private Central Reichsbank – hyper inflated paper fiat currency, and re-establishing the Silver Reichsmark. Ellen Brown’s articles from ‘Web of Debt’ which get a run on channels like Jeff,, etc. with false strawman propaganda like;

“An American banker had commented, “Dr Schacht, you should come to America. We’ve lots of money and that’s real banking.” Schacht replied, “You should come to Berlin. We don’t have money. That’s real banking.”….

Two of the most powerful Bankers in the world at the time do not talk like this, that is childish, and ridiculous, Germany and America at the time were trading Silver Dollars and Silver Reichsmarks in the billions! That is a fact.

Listen to this Foe propaganda which comes  from Zionist agent and Jew Henry Makow on;

“Canadian researcher Dr. Henry Makow (who is Jewish himself) says; “the main reason why the bankers arranged world war against Germany was that Hitler sidestepped the bankers by creating his own money, thereby freeing the German people. Worse, this freedom and prosperity threatened to spread to other nations. Hitler had to be stopped.” – Henry Makow.

Makow quotes from the 1938 interrogation of C.G. Rakovsky, one of the founders of Soviet Bolshevism and a Trotsky intimate!!!!!!

And this quote, if it is not bad enough comes from a Stalin show trial in the USSR, according to Trotskyite Rakovsky; Hitler was at first funded by international bankers, through bankers’ agent Hjalmar Schacht. The bankers financed Hitler who became an even bigger threat than Stalin when Hitler started printing his own money! LIES – see Rhetoric for Propagandists. Strawman fallacy again, typical Bolshevik propaganda method. Adolf Hitler never printed his own money, where? Where are the Adolf Hitler fiat currency notes? Where? I have the Silver Reichsmarks and notes that were redeemable for the Silver standard of Silver Reichsmark, and that is what currency was in Third Reich economics and that was the policy of the Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialists. Here we see blatant lies, we have Communist Jews quoting Communist Jews being published in Communist books and posted on Communist websites by Communist authors all part of the raging psychological/political war! You would probably find the lies of Ellen Brown and Henry Makow, Rakovsky and other Trotskyites plastered all over safe, kosher approved Gentile & Goy websites and forums such as; ‘Stormfront’, ‘Fourwinds10’, I wouldn’t be suprised if  these Communist agents get a good run on ‘Zundelsite’ as well!

Here’s more Foe Propaganda from ‘Asia Times’ Communist – Henry C. K. Liu; “The Nazi’s came to power in 1933 when the German economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war reparation obligations and zero prospect of foreign investment or credit. Through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began” – Henry C.K. Liu,’ Nazism and the German Economic miracle’,-  Asia Times, May 2005….

Imagine that, a Chinese Communist claims the Nazi’s as Marxist Central Banking extraordinaires! You could not make this stuff up, seriously, who would get their National Socialist History from the ‘Asia Times’?

What was the reality? Again it is as I described it in the V2 Silver PartI and II. The reality is the Weimar economic crisis began when the Reichsbank controlled by Marxist Central Banking hacks began printing fiat currency day and night by the trainload! Who opposed this? Hjalmar Schacht…he oppossed letting  the Rothschild’s Private Central ReichsBank established after Germany’s defeat in WWI to print fiat paper currency. It was never a German Government that printed fiat currency it was a Privately owned Central Bank that caused the debt hyperinflation. just like the Federal Reserve, the Weimar Reichsbank was run by public Jewish and Gentile officials for private gain. Which is the definition, the legal definition for a JOB! A Job, is public work for private gain. hyper inflated fiat debt was fuelled by war reparation (theft), and speculation by foreign “investors” mainly in New York and London betting on the decreasing value of the papiermark fiat currency in a conspiratorial, financial, artificial device known a “short sale”, whereby Jewish and Gentile speculators counterfeit a currency and sell it cheap and then “cover” by buying it back at a lower price, the difference becomes the profit, or the “cut” for the middle man speculator who is dealt “in” on the counterfeit. This was only made possible because the Privately owned Reichsbank issued the counterfeit papiermark just as the U.S. Federal Reserve does today. The currency is simply artificially manufactured, by first an accounting book entry and then a run of print presses, and hey presto! Fiat Money! This funny money is lent out to the unsuspecting Goyim the appropriate hands are “greased”, and every fool is charged interest for the privilege of being robbed by the International Bankers, who can then steal everything they possibly could want, especially the Gold, for the Elders Golden Hoard – The B.I.S. The end result of this for the unfortunate hosts is Debt, the debt is represented in the paper currency, as it inflates so does the debt.

The German government did not cause Hyperinflation, no, the Weimar Republic ended the Reichsbank papeirmark and set Germany back on a single Silver Mark system and linked that to the Gold Standard, the Silver Mark system easily out competing the Gold Standard, for the many  reasons I have explained already, and I can tell you much, much more later. The National Socialists continued the Silver Mark and enhanced its purity. Then under strict control, any speculative foreign manipulation was dealt with in the appropriate manner, if its inside its Treason, outside its War, simple as that. The Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler used the Silver Reichsmark as the foundation of their Currency…


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  • Miecz Elizejski

    Sehr Gut, Kamerad. Very interesting series of economics articles.

    Have you by any chance heard of Robert Kiyosaki? He’s a sort of “professional capitalist” and a fairly popular figure (as well as published author) among up and coming entrepraneurs and anti-statists in general. I read some of his stuff, and despite not being a scholar of economics I still smelled inherent absurdity in what he had to say.

    Due to his sort of star status, he might be a good target for your hitlist! <– this is one of his websites.

    • delendaestziobot

      I think Robert Kiyosaki sounds like an old fashioned con-man. Con-men have a talent for picking up on certain emerging linguistic patterns, they then echo those patterns, they believe this attracts interest to them, and often it does.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Con man or “free market” capitalist? Not that much of difference there.

  • delendaestziobot

    No not much difference, The American Mythology of the “free market capitalist” is interesting propaganda, the myth of the “self-made man/woman”…That reminds me I must put down cypto-klown Ayn Rand on my hit-list.

    I notice that many have fallen for the staged Gary North – Ellen Brown kosher marrige, don’t they make a lovely little couple? Ellen playing the secular, wet, hippy protesty lefty (Jewish Fiat) and Gary on the righty playing good steady christian, dry, ‘sound money’ economics (Jewish Gold)! Hey Goyim, pick a side!

    The “Hitler Economy” stage show! With your Gentile hosts – Ellen and Gary! Proudly brought to you by zio-managed-debates-inc…

    Where are the “Labour Treasury Certificates”????? I want one. Where are the Adolf Hitler Fiat Notes???? Where?

    Good Goyim don’t ask questions.

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  • Terry

    What happened was that Hjalmar Schacht, Adolf’s minister of finance used MeFo Bills – see as way of printing money secretly.

    • delendaestziobot


      Your reference is the Jewish Virtual Library. Where are your “Mefo Bills” please? They must be vary rare, I have never seen one, I would like to have one for my Third Reich Numismatic collection, send me evidence of this ‘secretly printed money’…

      I am being facetious, they don’t exist, your only evidence is a apparently secret counterfeit bill produced by an imaginary company as a credit facility based on nothing but a statement from the Nuremburg Trials.

      “MEFO had no actual existence”

      That is from the wiki article itself. LOL

      Reichsmarks were the Silver Standard that Adolf Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht used, in fact Hitler increased the purity ofthe Silver Mark from .50 to .625 for the 2 Mark and .50 to .900 for 5 Mark. These Silver and Gold Marks were used for all Third Reich Bonds.

      • Terry

        It is accepted fact that Hjalmar Schacht, as Adolf’s finance man did the manipulation to finance rearmament. JVL gives a credible explanation. If you know better tell us how he did it.

  • delendaestziobot


    I gave the credible explaination, in several articles on this blog, I presented the physical evidence, and you are not telling me anything I haven’t heard several times before – it’s called sophistry!

    Secret German Mefo Bills Please? Where are they? Send me one?

    You cannot make curcuit boards and gun barrels out of Jewish paper bills!

    Now take your sophistry back to where it came from Terry – The Jewish Virtual Library!

    Heil Hitler!

  • Terry

    Now you are getting evasive. Hjalmar did what it took. You can’t tell us how. There is more to life than being an argumentative twerp.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Actually, Terry,
    Delendaestziobot wrote several detailed articles on the Third Reich’s Currency while you just referenenced one brief article from an anti-NS and obviously biased source. Thus you have proved nothing and by now you have just promoted yourself from strawman to non-sequitor argumentum.

  • Anthony Migchels

    Intersting article, although I’d like to see some sources about this Silver standard.

    Also: how does anti-usury activism work with Silver? How is the Silver circulated other than as a debt?

    What the German industrialists would use the certificates for? Well, pay taxes of course! That’s how sovereign money always works: the State accepts them, and because of that everybody does.

  • Anthony Migchels

    By the way: Here’s Ziopedia on MEFO’s:

    Bills of Credit Schacht circulated to finance rearmament. They were convertible to Reichsmark

  • aufihrhelden


    Your question, ‘How is the Silver circulated other than as a debt?’ displays a lack of understanding regarding the first principles and the substance of the thing. Your question is a bit of a paradox. The silver represents MONEY and circulates as such because it fulfills the characteristics that money must possess (gold also does this, of course, but The Third Reich did not use any gold because all of its gold had been stolen by World Jewry). The silver remains circulating and/or saved by the people because it SERVES the people as a means of exchange. There is no Jew central bank involved, only mints to facilitate the refining of silver into coins and such. The term ‘debt’ would be used very little in this society as there would be no Jew bankers perpetually and fraudulently creating fiat from thin air in the form of debt ; this debt is deliberately created and then withheld according to the whim of Jew bankers which would eventually ensure that all real assets in the world flow through to them, however this final part has not yet happened because The Jews are stupid.

    When no Jew bankers are allowed to create fiat from nothing in the form of debt and real MONEY flows as a means of exchange then people keep their wealth because real money holds its value and there is no debt. When this happens war is declared on the land deemed ‘guilty’ of engaging in such.

    Heil Hitler !

    • Anthony Migchels

      Silver or Gold backed money is always circulated as debt aufihrhelden. It is lent into circulation, not spent. This is a common misunderstanding with advocates of metal money.

      In Nazi Germany, banks created credit, just as everywhere else. Today I’ve been reading this booklet (see link below), it’s an excellent analysis of the German financial system. It does not mention MEFO’s. Of course I agree Ziopedia is not a very reliable source, but the MEFO’s seem real enough. They did not exist in paper, it was purely money by bookkeeping and only the banks and industry paid (each other) with it.

      Hitler and Feder have a reputation for anti-usury activism. But unfortunately it’s wholly bogus. Hitler did nothing to end usury or the stock exchange, another issue he talked a lot about before he came to power.

      It’s too bad, but Hitler’s financial policies were not at all embarrassing to the Money Power.

      Here’s the link. It’s a must read, I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting:

      • delendaestziobot


        You are obviously out of your depth in all matters relating to the Third Reich. You are also delusional, it only all “seems real enough” in your imagination which is programmend by another imagination, therefore real physical evidence such as Third Reich silver coins are beyond your comprehension, because they exist whereas whats in your imagination does not exist.

        By the way your source is again from Jewish owned New York “economic research” company. Do you actually know how to read the publication pages? Or are you acting idiotic deliberately?

        And when you have a MEFO bill can you let me know, I am an active collector of Third Reich numismatic items, and am interested in purchasing one of these super rare imaginative MEFO bills, that nobody has ever seen, or even exist…You Moron!

  • aufihrhelden


    Your comment, ‘Silver or Gold backed money is always circulated as debt aufihrhelden. It is lent into circulation, not spent. This is a common misunderstanding with advocates of metal money.’, again shows a total incomprehension and, I believe, an agenda on your part.

    There is no such thing as ‘backed’ money – money is a WEIGHT, it represents an exchange in return for either physical or intellectual energy expended. Money ‘IS’. If a so-called ‘monetary’ system is ‘10% backed’ for example then that is 90% fraud – somebody somewhere is creating that 90% from thin air and the people are being deprived of 90% of their wealth.

    An ounce of silver placed in a drawer in Germany in 1936 is still an ounce of silver today whereas there are museums in Germany displaying worthless bank notes which were created from nothing.

    Adolf Hitler served The German Volk, he gave them bread and then he gave them a means of exchange which would keep its value forever and remain the people’s wealth forever.

    You use the term ‘metal money’ as though there are other types of money but there are not, not in the way you try to convey. Other kinds of ENERGY can represent money such as fruit, bread or copper but you are clinging onto the idea that the Jewish creation of fiat fraud from nothing represents money – people see the fraud of today (or think they see it) but when they are confronted with the Truths of The Third Reich it scares them to death (Evil !, Nazi !, Hitler !, Brutes !, Oh Vey !).

    A lot of the so-called ‘Freemen’ in England talk in the same manner as you, they are so used to being slaves they wish to remain that way and they want everybody else to remain that way as well so they continue to advocate Jewish central banking debt fraud.

    Heil Hitler !

    • delendaestziobot

      You are correct, aufihrhelden. Also these moronic ziobots can only imagine what they have been programmed with, so they believe in their own imaginations which only seem real to them, that the Third Reich must have had the same economic system as what their own Jewish economic system uses, and so they say that the Third Reich was funded by the same fictitious non-exisistent mysterious “credit/debit” vouchers like “MEFO Bills”, which don’t actually exist but are dreamt up out the nothingness of the Jewish pysche, but in their pathetic ziobotic minds, like Anthony, they are more real than the actual Silver and Metal Coins that were used by the Third Reich as Money!

      Which just goes to prove my thesis, that human ziobots are beyond help.

      Heil Hitler and the Third Reich Silver Standard of Weights and Measures!

    • Anthony Migchels

      Unfortunately you’re wrong and buying the zio crap yourself.

      The problem has nothing to do with ‘fiat’ money, which is just the label the Austrians have created to defame paper money. Austrian Economics is a blatant Jewish mind control operation.

      The problem is Usury, not paper money. Jewish Usury is what got them kicked out of each and every nation they ever corrupted with their money lending. This was already happening long, long before they invented purely paper money as we have today.

      Gold (and Silver too) has been in their hands for a very long time now, I’m amazed you would not realize this. The Protocols are very clear about this (‘you are aware the Gold Standard has led to the ruin of the nations adopting it’, ‘we have taken Gold out of circulation as much as possible’, ‘we can flood the market with unlimited amounts of gold from our vaults’ etc).

      Do you really think Banks SPEND silver in circulation? Of course not! They LEND it in circulation. The few ounces that some people have left and right are irrelevant, the mainstay of the globe’s Gold and Silver supplies are in the hands of Jewish bankers, simple as that.

      By the way: Silver is irrelevant as money today: in earlier times there used to be much more Silver than Gold, but today Silver is very important in many industrial products. As a result, there simply isn’t enough to provide sufficient liquidity.

      Nowadays most Gold is owned either by the rich (Jewish), Central Banks (Jewish), Banks (Jewish) or unknowns (Jewish).

      We all know nowadays the Rothschilds came to power by lending Gold to sovereigns! Gold has been under their control for even much, much longer than that.

  • Anthony Migchels

    Paper money can easily be created Interest-Free. Interest-Free credit is the money of the future, not metal.

    No Usury, No Jewish Question.

  • aufihrhelden


    Firstly, you use the term ‘fiat money’ which is absolutely nonsensical as there is no such thing as ‘fiat money’, although the filthy Jew mainstream media would certainly hope that everybody believe otherwise. ‘Fiat’ means ‘by decree’ which, in simple terms, means the Jews creating paper vouchers out of thin air and forcing them onto the masses who believe them to be ‘money’ or just don’t know any better. The Jews expect people to work for nothing (ie these worthless paper vouchers), to be a good little Goy and not to complain so eventually (through their ‘boom-bust’ policy of offering these vouchers to anybody and then withholding them from everybody) all the assets of the world would be in their hands. In my previous post I stated that you don’t understand what money is in that you tried to convey that money can be represented from something worthless created from thin air – you have just reinforced that point and you don’t even realise it. The reason money is required is that it acts as a compensation for work (ie energy expended), this compensation can be anything that two parties agree on such as food, lead, zinc, rare stamps, anything, the reason that precious metals have been used as money for centuries is that they contain all the essential characteristics that money must possess. Would you use sand as money ? If two parties agree a straight exchange of energy then money is not required but due to the millions of transactions that occur that is not practical. So, Anthony, would you use sand as money ? No ?? But you’d create ‘paper’ out of thin air on a computer which has even less value than sand and use that as ‘money’ !!!

    If two people, in today’s world of Zion, engaged in a transaction of barter (ie a straight exchange of work, ie mowing a lawn for building a wall) then the ‘government’ would treat that as a benefit in kind for tax purposes because they don’t want a fair exchange of energy to take place, they want their pound of flesh for nothing.

    You’ve spent so long being a slave that you wish to remain so and can’t stand the fact that other parts of the world may try to walk away from their slavery.

    You state that the problem has ‘nothing to do with fiat’ !!!! On the contrary, all the problems of the world stem from the UNLIMITED AND FRAUDULENT creation of paper fraud masquerading as money – don’t you understand basic mathematics ? Don’t you understand the basic concepts of cause and effect ? You talk of a ‘Jewish mind control operation’ and then you go and condone it in the worst way possible.
    You talk of usury – however, the charging of interest is merely incidental. You need to learn the concept of first principles – if the Jew were not permitted to fraudulently create paper fraud in the form of so-called ‘money’ in the first place then the Jew would not be charging interest on a single penny because the original fraud would not exist in the first place Understand ?? Interest (and taxation) merely speed up the process of the original fraud.

    It has been explained on this website that the Jews own a significant hoard of gold – this is one of the main reasons why The Third Reich used a silver standard so there was no way in for World Jewry so war was declared on Germany. Even a gold standard declared anywhere in the world now would mean the Jews eventually losing their gold as they would have to use it, but of course, this never happens as they always use a ‘fractional reserve system’ (thin air !!) and they even abuse that. This would be irrelevant anyway because if you were living in any kind of true society which was about to implement a true monetary system then the Jews would have already been rounded up, sent to concentration camps (this time with gas chambers) and all their assets would have been reclaimed from the people that they stole them from in the first place, through the system of ‘paper creation’ which you so admire. The Jews do not own significant amounts of silver anyway, read this website, this is the reason for their mountains and mountains of naked silver shorting with no collateral (ie silver) whatsoever to back them up with, this is another mass worldwide fraud. This is done by them because the dollar (primarily) is created from nothing (which you advocate !) so anything denoted in such (especially money and oil) needs to be suppressed to kingdom come. You state that silver was only ‘lent into circulation’ – what do you think the coins were made of, paper ?! How exactly, did the government of The Third Reich ‘reclaim’ this silver ?!

    The industrial uses of silver are not enough to offset its use of money especially when industry starts to (is allowed to) implement innovation and so forth.

    You state that ‘paper money can easily be created interest-free’ – I’ve rebutted the ‘interest’ part of your comments above but, anyway, regarding the ‘creation’ part, Anthony, WHO EXACTLY WOULD ENGAGE IN THE CREATION OF THIS ‘PAPER MONEY’ ?? THE ABSOLUTE FACT OF LIFE IS THAT IF SOMEBODY CREATES, FOR A SOCIETY, THE SO-CALLED MONEY FROM NOTHING THEN THAT IS STEALING AND EVERYBODY ELSE IS A SLAVE. The reasons are based on the first principles of energy and the principles of mathematics. A judge once stated (in the most important and therefore the most suppressed court case of all time, which you would not understand) that ‘only God can create something from nothing’. I tell you what, Anthony, in this new fairy tale world of yours, I’LL do the ‘creation of money’ part and you and all the rest of my slaves could do all the work, perhaps one day even you might wonder why I was living on a million acre estate and you didn’t have a pot to piss in, so to speak.

    So Anthony, unfortunately for you, we’re right because we speak the truth and we can see through the agendas of the deluded, oh so easily. You’re not even capable of avoiding your own contradictions.
    I sense that you sense that the Marxist system that you so admire with its fraudulent central banking core is having one or two problems so you start to rearrange things and call for exactly the same thing but just in a slightly different guise. Anything but the truth, anything but The Third Reich !

    Heil Hitler !!

  • delendaestziobot

    Anthony the moron does not understand the second law of thermodynamics. “Credit” and “Debit” are euphemisms for fictions out of the imaginations of Jewdom. Credit does not relate to money, it relates to belief, in fact the word means “belief” from creditus. So one would have to believe something that is not true, for example Anthony might have the belief (creditus) that Jews are angels with wings and can fly and are favoured by the Mystery Banking Gods? But is it true?

    Yea, Anthony would classed as a Bolshevik, he does not know that because he is moron, but his programmed beliefs, his creditus is Bolshevik.

    • Anthony Migchels

      Let me put it very simply, it’s clear that simplicity is required here.

      What would you rather have: go to a Jew owned Silver bank and take out a silver (or electronic money, or gold) based mortgage at 5% per year and pay 300k interest over your 200k mortgage over 30 years.


      Go to an interest-free credit facility and pay 0% interest and thus pay only 200k for your 200k home?

      Think real hard dudes.

  • delendaestziobot

    I am probably stating the obvious, but the obvious is what the ziobot cannot see: The Third Reich had a Silver Standard not a Gold Standard, because all German Gold was looted after the Treaty of Versaille. A ziobot might wonder why reparations were to be in weights of German Gold and not in German paper credits? And the answer is that Money is a Weight! And what is Weight? Weight is a Force!

    And actually Paper “money” cannot be created out of nothing either, one needs paper, and then the ink to write the fictions and print the images on the paper, a paper note weighs 1 gram, so it’s 1 gram of paper as a standard, but even that is too hard to undersatnd for the ziobots, so why bother with the paper and ink, a blip on a computer screen is the logical conclusion for Bolshevik “money”…

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, so going back to me with my fraud creation on my million acre estate, Anthony and the rest of his Ziobots can all receive electronic digits rather than paper as paper actually does have some value when it is used as well, paper – you can light fires with it.

    How about ‘Bitcoin’, Anthony, or, better still, I’ve been developing this special chip, just hold out your arm a minute, no, no it won’t do you any harm, it’s been tested and everything, really …

    Policy of the Jews – when they’re giving they give paper, when they’re taking, they take gold.

    Heil Hitler !

  • delendaestziobot

    Why wait for “interest-free creditus”, just move to Japan…

  • aufihrhelden


    It’s clear that you have not understood a word of what has been posted on this website so you have resorted to what you believe to be sarcasm and to what you believe to be ‘simplicity’.

    I stated previously that there would be absolutely no such thing as ‘debt’ in any true monetary system just as there was no such thing as debt for the people in the Third Reich – yet you have given an example BASED ON DEBT !! I mean, when you were typing it out, did it not occur to you even once that what you were typing was totally irrelevant ? Read the essay entitled, ‘Third Reich Silver Standard’ and you will see (or perhaps not) that the money in the Third Reich was silver – the coins were silver. Not paper, not electronic digits but SILVER. The wealth stayed with the people because the wealth was the silver money itself. PEOPLE DID NOT NEED TO HAVE A ‘MORTGAGE’ BECAUSE ALL THE WEALTH IN SOCIETY STAYED WITH THOSE WHO HAD GENERATED THE WEALTH. The concept of mortgages is part of the fraud in the first place and is a requirement only in a society which lets central banks create so-called money from thin air and only a requirement for those who love their slavery.

    You’ve seen that I have stated that you do not understand mathematics so you have tried to include some numbers in a way that you don’t comprehend.

    BANKS WOULD NOT EXIST, DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND ?? BANKS WOULD NOT EXIST !! Mortgages are part of the fraud yet in this ‘new’ world of the Ziobots, you would still have a central bank creating fiat (a dictatorial decree) from nothing !

    I’ll also repeat again, the Jews do not own any silver, that is why the Third Reich had a silver standard. How would the Jews charge interest on something they don’t own ? They wouldn’t own it because the SILVER coins (wealth) would lie with the wealth generators. You don’t even understand your own irrelevant example.

    You use the term ‘credit facility’ (is that a euphemism for the term ‘central bank’ ?)which would magically create this ‘200k’ of something from thin air. AGAIN, do you not comprehend that those that are allowed to create so-called ‘money’, which is forced to act as wealth but IS NOT wealth, are the ones who rule over the slaves who end up owning nothing and owing everything. SO I’LL ASK YOU AGAIN, WHO WOULD YOU HAVE IN CHARGE OF THIS MAGICAL CREATION ? IN OTHER WORDS, WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE MASTER ??

    You have come to love your slavery so much that the question you ask includes two variables, both of which involve total slavery for yourself and your fellow Marxists. Any kind of slavery will do as long as the freedom of The Third Reich is not given the light of day.

    And why have you used the term ‘dudes’ ? Are you spending so much time with the liberal types who believe they are free and who think that they are ‘rebelling’ by using the moronic language of people who watch Jewish Hollywood films and talk like negroes because the Jews have allowed it ?

    Heil Hitler !

  • Mark Stavrakas

    Dear Jew, I doubt that you have a “Third Reich Memorabilia Collection”. Here is the answer to your question, but you already knew the answer before you asked your question! You know full and well that Hitler’s Treasury Labor Certificates were issued in the form of Bank Bonds and not Bank Notes! In other words these certificates were issued to Banks in Germany to act as insurance to back up the Bank Notes (Dollar Bills) that were being put into circulation. Treasury Labor Certificates were not issued to the German Public to be used as “Dollar Bills”! The face value amounts were set at a minimum of One Million Marks. These Certificates certified that for each one Mark being put into circulation that one Marks worth of labor had been completed by a German Governmental Worker. Germany was forced to pay all of her gold reserves to the Allies as War Reparations after the First World War. Because of this Germany had nothing to back up the value of her national currency. This allowed Jewish Bankers and Jewish Futures Commodities Speculation Stock Traders to play fast and lose with Germany’s Nation Currency almost destroying the German nation and starving the German People to death. From 1919 until 1932 foreigners, mostly Jews, bought 1/3 of Germany for pennies on the dollar! That was until Hitler and Gottfried Feder were forced to substitute Gold for Labor! In addition to this Hitler also nationalized the Jewish owned & Jewish controlled German Central Bank. Instead of issuing privately owned debt bearing Bank Notes from a privately owned bank, Hitler & Feder issued publicly owned debt free Money the German State owned Bank! Germany also traded goods for goods with other nations instead of paying Jewish Bankers Currency Exchange Fees. This also meant that Jewish Futures Commodities Speculation Stock Traders could no longer collect fees or effect the price of the items being exchanged, ( in this case German Machines for food stuffs). Within 6 years of this brave & daring step 4 things were accomplished:

    1. Unemployed males brought from 56% to 0%, reaching Full Employment!
    2. Germany had no National Debt because she issued Debt Free Money!
    3. Germany had no Inflation of her National Currency!
    4. Germany had no Nation Trade Deficit because of her Bartering System!

    This and nothing else was the real reason for The Second World War! International Jewry could not let this shining example of what a Free People can accomplish once they remove the parasitic Jewish Cancer from their nation!

    • delendaestziobot

      “Debt free money”….LOL, that’s a good one. The Third Reich had Bank Notes, you could take them to the Mint because they were exchangable for Silver Marks. Would you like to talk about Third Reich Numismatics or would you like to continue your own little flight through Googleland. BTW, when you find a ‘German Labour Treasury Certificate’, can you send it to me.
      P.S. What a quaint understanding of economics you have, so 1990’s. You remind me of a blind old man who has got hold of the tail of an elephant and is tugging on it, saying “I got hold of you now you pesty little mouse!”

  • aufihrhelden

    When people use the term ‘backed’ in relation to ‘financial’ matters it should always raise suspicions. The first principle of everything monetary is that energy expended, whether physical or intellectual, should be compensated for with energy in return. The term ‘backed’ often has hidden Marxist ramifications where the reality of the thing is that all people receive for their work is a slice of bread a day and an electronic chip on the arm. Phrases such as ‘back up’ and ‘act as insurance’ and ‘put into circulation’ come could from a Marxist liberal university professor who kneels before Zion each day in the Marxist universities.

    ‘Face value amount’ ?! – face value of what ?! If it does not represent real energy then it has NO face value and somebody’s running a con game.

    You don’t ‘back’ things with labour – it is things of value such as silver coins or pure barter which compensate for the labour itself. At first glance people may think the difference is negligible but the differences regarding where the real wealth flows are vast. ‘Backing’ things with labour promotes images of Soviet Russia with men steaming into factories to build the machines for Zion to rule the world.

    Stupid people copy and paste from Jewish disinformation websites, these people are so stupid they believe themselves to be intelligent.

    The iron rule that governs all is to examine what someone receives for the work they perform – if is something created from nothing with no value and is only used as a (false) means of exchange because some group of people say it should (a forced decree) then one day you will end up with nothing and that is a certainty of mathematics and logic.

    In a true money system, the best man always wins and the German nation, when free of Zionist interference is the best man (along with the German woman).

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, it is just Bolshevik Robotnik Economics or the “November Revolution”, which was the German Communist Revolution of 1918-1919, this actual event was later transposed through print and film to Russia, beginning with Viennese Pravda cotton and ink merchants, linked to the Railways, Lenin and Stalin being the figureheads, as opposed to the more fancy Kai-Tsar shipping figureheads.

  • delendaestziobot

    Mark asks a good question in a round about way. The answer is that Hitler did not allow predatory fraudsters (International Banks) to fleece the German people while he was in power, because of his great love for the German people. Unlike the US and the UK, which were traditionally backward anyway, compared to Germany, but possessing a certain economical energetic materialism that was easily exploited by predatory fraudsters operating huge Plutocratic International Banks.

  • Mark Stavrakas

    What is gold compared to the hand that builds a home or makes a loaf of bread? The German National Socialist Workers Party found a better way to build an economy compared to Fractional Reserve Banking.

    • delendaestziobot

      Mark, I agree with you.. What is gold compared to the genius of Hitler and the NSDAP?

      And let us remember that we were not born understanding Hitlerism, but that we came to understand Hitler’s genius, through our own Kampf, hence Mein Kampf!!! There is no other way to understand this than through a hard fight. So I appreciate those who continue on fighting to the end, they have a chance.

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘ … but possessing a certain economical energetic materialism that was easily exploited by predatory fraudsters operating huge Plutocratic International Banks.’

    Yes, in other words, forcing the rest of the world to accept paper fraud in exchange for goods and resources. In the early stages they can ‘make hay’ but, as a country loses its manufacturing capacity and scope for real work it has to rely more and more on military measures to enforce this economical energetic materialism which is really just the selfish wants of the people of Britain and America.

    I would be careful when using the term ‘build an economy’ as the term ‘build’ may be equated to the concept of ‘growth’ which is false as it is designed to make the never-ending printing of fiat fraud (ie the growth of such) sound ‘good’ to the people. Also, the term ‘economy’ is a very dangerous term to use as all sorts of fraudulent concepts can be hidden under such a term and it also implies that the concept of ‘money’ and ‘finance’ is a separate concept to the output of energy and the means of exchange for such.

    Also, ‘What is gold compared to the hand that builds a home or makes a loaf of bread?’ …
    … gold would be a means of exchange (if agreed upon) by people who expend energy such as baking or building but if all the gold was stolen, one could use silver …

    A means of exchange is just that, a MEANS, it’s a question of whether the means is a fraudulently enforced fiat decree or an honest weight or measure.

    • delendaestziobot

      The difference between Gold and Bread is rather obvious. One cant use a loaf of bread for electrical wiring. Or you cant make a cup out of a loaf of bread, but gold is perfect for making cups and conducting electricity. What is common to both bread and gold is that they are both subject to the force of Gravity, and thus can be weighed, so as you point out with honest weights and measures. Both gold and bread store energy but in different ways. Gold obviously stores energy for much longer than a freshly baked loaf of bread. If one is paid in weight of bread and weight of gold, why not weight of cotton as well, cotton must be weighed and measured as well.

  • aufihrhelden

    … you could, of course, be paid in cotton. In a true weights and measures system, I would rather receive a cotton t-shirt than a small rectangular piece of cotton but in today’s fraudulent system of fiat decree it is ‘better’ (in all the worst meanings of that word in this context) to have a small rectangular piece of paper with, say, ten dollars written on it which could buy, say four t-shirts for $2.50 each than a single cotton t-shirt.

    By ‘virtue’ of a Jewish decree a very small amount of cotton can be exchanged for a much greater weight of cotton which you can actually wear !

    It is not an intellectual pursuit which is why force or the threat of force needs to be brought to be so many times.

    • delendaestziobot

      …And now they don’t want to even pay with a rectangular piece of cotton weighing one gram, they can exchange the entire wealth of the world for digital blips generated on a computer screen.

  • American National Socialist!


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