The Walls of Jerusalem.

I would like to submit a word: dissimulation. Dissimilar, dissimilitude, dissimilarity. Look at the picture, look at the word; dissimulation – 1. the act of dissimulating; feigning; hypocrisy. 2. Psychiatry. the ability or the tendency to appear mentally normal when actually suffering from a disorder, a characteristic of the paranoid. To dissimulate is to disguise or conceal under false semblance; dissemble. This is an important understanding for our present evil age – the depths of dissimulation. When the dissimulation is purposeful than it is ‘double think’; skillfully designed disguise presenting two contradictory beliefs as equally true at the same time with the aim of manufacturing cognitive dissonance. But Dissimulation is more likely to be  the result a plain old paranoia – madness.

It’s neither Satire or Irony , it’s Dissimulation. This is Satire; “What an impressive wall, indeed worthy of the Holy Land, truly God is at work, those tilt-up concrete panels must have taken a crane operator at least  15 minutes to put each one in place. The Razor-wire cornices are a delightful detail, and the look-out tower; so high, I bet one could see all the way to Mount Sinai from up there! Truly the Chaldees could never knock these walls down, David would be impressed, and it only cost a Trillion $’s and a million lives to construct. And ‘Israel Ministry of  Tourism’, sounds so inviting, just makes you want to drop everything and go on pilgrimage, just awesome, Shalom and peace be with you, holy, holy, holy is  the Lord of Israel!”

No, what we have here is a system suffering from a severe disorder, the patient – the state of Israel is trying to feign normality, that is trying to pretend that it is perfectly normal, ordered and functional, it’s dissimulation however – paranoia is the diagnosis. It is actually the original definition of pure madness – Paranoia; the irrational or delusional belief that there is an immediate threat to oneself, a thought process heavily influenced by fear and anxiety – delusional. Paranoia from Greek, actually means – madness. In this type of illness, there is no apparent deterioration in intellectual abilities, unlike Depression or Schizophrenia. A simple characteristic of paranoia is where a delusional belief is the sole and most prominent feature presented and that the sufferer conclusively believes that this is normal. The condition may not always present itself as being purely persecuted,  although that is often the case. The sufferer of the condition may think he/she is an important religious figure or a great artist when no such ability is present, it may be all of these delusions with unwarranted fears of persecution, this is madness – paranoia.

The dissimulation is the product of the paranoid mind, it’s not irony or satire, its pure madness that is presented in an act. This is what we see when we look at the walls that have been built-in the militarized State of Israel. The picture on our left of a Cubist sculpture is another example, titled – “Women’s Head”, the artist shows the  signs of a mad paranoid, his act is one of dissimulation, he attempts to present an object that is dissimilar to the title, in a form that implies art, he has actually come to believe it is a woman’s head that he has created, and presenting, this is delusional, it’s not satire, and it’s not ironic, it is paranoia. In the same way the Israeli State has created concrete walls with razor wire and sniper towers to lock people both out and in and intimidate them in a show of aggressive militarized action. The presented action is a wall built for military purposes, however the Title, the communication is dissimilar – bright colours, friendly greeting, well wishing, presenting a place  that is welcoming, a place of joy and happiness, offering pleasurable experience and safety. This is delusional, just like the Cubist sculpture is the result of a paranoid mind, so is the walls of Jerusalem the result of an anxiety and fear dominated paranoid mind. Another label for the Sculpture is “Anxiety”, the Label for the walls of Jerusalem will be more appropriate if it was “Anxiety Be With You”…

“Even to understand the word ‘double think’ involved the use of double think.” – George Orwell 1984.

Dissimulation and paranoia is not exactly ‘double think’, it is not purposeful deceit, the actions are not one of a carefully constructed lie, no, the madness lies in the condition that the sufferer actually believes that both contradictory beliefs are equally true, it’s not a deliberate lie, it’s not propaganda, it’s just plain old common paranoia, madness. Now if one believes that instead of the paranoid sufferer being just mad but to the contrary that the sufferer is actually brilliant, sophisticated, genius, astute, intelligent, superior,etc, then that one would also be mad and delusional, as they actually believe in the paranoia of another and elevate it to being above their own. The truth is that the military State of Israel suffers from a bad case of Paranoia and presents acute signs of dissimulation that confirms this diagnosis. And it’s not just the State of Israel, it’s in fact much of the world unfortunately to different degrees, and that is why we should understand the meaning of the word – Dissimulation.

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