V2 Silver Rockets & The Lightning of Lucifer. Part II.



 I will illustrate some more background to my answer to the question by Kamerad Miecz Elizejski and the similar comment by Kamerad Elysium on V2 Rockets & The Lightning of Lucifer.  

“Didn’t the Third Reich have an economy with state issued currency that wasn’t based off any precious metals, but rather a resource based economy and labour backed currency?” – Miecz Elizejski  

Now I have to condense large amounts of information into one short essay so I will use some visual aids and rely on the intelligence of my Aryan readers to fill in the gaps. Amazingly as I write this Germany has just announced that it has paid off it’s war reparation debts from WWI! What did Germany pay back? 132 Billion GOLD Marks! The Second Reich used Gold and Silver as currency, probably the most beautiful numismatic coins ever minted, the Gold Mark was the standard. In January 1921 the ‘Inter-Allied Reparations Commission’ set a war debt figure of 269 Billion Gold Marks – (2790 Gold Marks equalled 1 Kilo of pure Gold)! An impossible amount. This came out of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. The Reparations imposed on Germany to anybody who knows anything about economics, would mean Death, simple as that, Germany was condemned to a long slow and painful Death, most probably through starvation. It was planned, intentional mass murder, the complete elimination of all Germans; men, women, children, everybody was condemned to death by the Treaty of Versailles, that’s what 269 Billion Gold Marks represents. The scale of the Reparations was so sickening & disgusting that John Maynard Keynes resigned from the British Treasury in protest, and Keynes was a hopeless Marxist with a heart the size of a peanut, today the Marxist Keynesians even disagree with Keynes himself, just goes to show how far to the bottom of the Age of Lead we have fallen. It took about 1 year for Germany to be drained of all its Gold and just about anything else that the allies of London, Paris and New York felt like helping themselves to.  

Silver Mark & Gold Mark of the Second Reich

 In December 1922, when Germany had no Gold Marks left (Germany’s Gold today can be found in the Bank of International Settlement’s Golden Hoard which underwrites the Euro Currency today) to hand over to the Reparations Commission they declared Germany in default, which lead to the occupation of the Ruhr in January 1923. This was organized as an incentive, a way of ‘encouraging’ Germans to pay their ‘debts’. Basically by 1923 the entire German economy had been completely looted, everything from a stick of timber to a lump of coal. This was the Weimar Republic, the parliamentary Republic System that is set up like a ‘Punch & Judy’ show to amuse the public while they are looted. The currency that the German public were put on after their defeat in WWI was the German Papiermark (1919-1923), conquered slaves are represented by worthless paper, because paper notes are issued for debt; it’s printed on a piece of paper, as the debt of the enslaved increases over time it is represented in figures on the paper debt note, the higher the figure the higher the debt, a slave is a debtor.  



Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic was NOT due to the newly established Reichsbank printing Papiermarks to pay debts and war Reparations, that is a fallacy, as the Reparations Commission, the Treaty of Versailles and the Allied Forces all demanded payment in Gold Marks, payment in Papiermarks was not acceptable, no payment was ever made in Papiermark. When Germany defaulted it was because she had no more Gold left, so payment was then demanded in land, industry, goods, services, silver, coal, timber, potatoes, anything of value, as all German’s wealth was drained this was reflected in the value of their own paper debt currency, the Papiermark being devalued, this was Hyperinflation, their own value was rendered worthless as they as a people had nothing left.  

The Papiermark was not ‘money’. The word ‘money’ is from Latin Moneta, Juno Moneta, The Temple of Juno Moneta was where the Romans would coin Silver, She, the Goddess is depicted holding a pair of scales or the cornucopia – the emblem of abundance. The Sky-Goddess Juno Moneta Regina is also the wielder of the Silver Lightning Bolts and the Goddess of Memory. Juno is a Saviour, a Lucitia, Light bringer. According to the warnings of the Lightbringer – Silver is to be used as Money, and it is to this day.  

German Children count their future debt obligation for austerity sakes

Again, let’s get this Right, It is very important; Germany could not use the Papiermark to pay back its war Reparations, of course, nobody would be interested in a pile of worthless debt notes, least at all the International Bankers,  they were for the German people to keep track of their debt obligations, their debt was to be paid in gold or its equivalent in silver, coal, timber, anything of value, any goods, or land that has agreed upon value, the Jews wanted the Gold first, to add to their Golden Hoard. Whats’s the Basic Doctrine of the Jews? Protocol numero uno is;  GOLD!!!!! Don’t underestimate the power of Gold.  Part of the Treaty of Versailles Death sentence was a blockade which only permitted low-level goods or nothing at all into Germany, much like Palestine today, a similar arrangement, anything of value, the Germans could not afford because their Papeirmark Debt was worth, well, the price of the paper it was printed on, in fact Papiermarks used to be weighed. This all resulted in as expected famine and starvation, the Germans were being worked and starved to death from 1919 to 1923. During this time the Hyperinflation or the debt accumulation was organized by U.S. Investment Bankers like J.P. Morgan Jr. at international reparations conferences. Many New Yorkers and Londoners and Parisians arrived in Germany to carve up the spoils during this time, and when the dust had settled the Papiermark was abandoned and a new currency was introduced – the Rentenmark, the Paper debt obligations were no longer needed because all that could be acquired of German land and industry and goods of any value were now in foreign hands.  

Recycled scrap debt notes.

The Papiermark was recycled as scrap paper by the ton, which is what it was – scrap paper. The Reichsbank was closed, the Reichsbank of the Weimar Republic was established on Marxist Central Banking principles. The Rentenmark was of course the new owners currency who were mostly foreign and Jewish and it was backed by the newly acquired land and industry of Germany. The Dawes Plan of 1924 and J.P. Morgan and other New York Bankers floated the real estate on the Stock Exchange. One of the High Priests presiding over all this was Rudolf E. A. Havenstein who was the Communist Jew in charge of the Reichsbank 1921-1923, comparable to Ben Bernanke today, he was dispatched of when no longer required at end of 1923.  In 1924 6000 German companies went bankrupt. The Germans who always managed to keep a sense of humour in the darkest hours, called the Weimar Republic Papiermarks – “Jew Confetti”. Once the new international Rentenmark was established with the now Jewish and foreign owned assets of Germany as backing, the German people had to exchange whatever they had left to obtain the new currency, which meant pawning whatever they could scrape together, family heirlooms, furniture, the family house, cutlery, jewelry, etc. Lord D’Abernon, the British Ambassador in Berlin wrote to London: “Inflation is like a drug in more ways than one. It is fatal in the end, but it gets its votaries over many difficult moments.” As Providence would have it Germany did not die, but just narrowly avoid death.  


This photograph tells us much we need to know, it was these German middle class women folk, who were forced to sell everything they had in the early 1920’s, to foreigners and Jews, this was after many of them had lost their Sons and Husbands and Fathers in WWI and the terrible years that followed, these are the strong women folk of Germany who would go on to be the backbone of the Third Reich, and Adolf Hitler’s greatest supporters. It is one of the great untold stories; the women of the Third Reich, it was their bravery, courage, humility, stoicism, patience, fortitude, determination and strength that would save Germany and all us future Aryans and pull our kind back from the brink of the abyss. So many men were damaged by WWI, psychologically, physically, if they even survived, only to face crippling sanctions, unemployment or forced labour camps, starvation, many suicided, died of broken hearts and spirits or turned to drugs and alcohol, or went mad, or just gave up. There was not much left in the way of man folk left, there was the old, the young and sick and injured and dying, and there was the corrupt turncoats, those men that betrayed their own people to save themselves. Adolf Hitler like other komeraden grew up being fostered, in a sense, by the remaining women folk of Germany, it was these women folk with the surviving impoverished and enslaved men that would help forge a new way, a new order, a new Reich out of the dismal ruins!  


It was after the establishment of the Rentenmark in 1924 that the Germany economy was stabilized for the purpose of the Bankers who set up shop in Germany, i.e. Americanized/Judeo Capitalism, drugs, vice, prostitution, gambling dens, cities awash with booze, degeneracy, usury, noise (Jazz), pollution, etc, much what we have today, it was typically degenerate carnival, with the usual suspects cheering from the sidelines.  

The Rentenmark – an interim currency, was replaced with the Reichsmark in 1924. The exchange rate between the old Papiermark and the new Silver Reichsmark was 1 RM = 1 Trillion Papiermark. This was the only viable solution, Germany had no Gold left and no Gold mines, but Silver being a mining byproduct  from other mining was available, this Silver Reichsmark was then pegged to the Gold Standard and Germany was able to secure trade again, with other countries, without the Silver Reichsmark, Germany would have died right then and there, in 1924.  

1925 Silver 5 Reichsmark

1925 Silver Reichsmark

1928 Silver 5 Reichsmark

Hindenburg Silver 3 Reichsmark

1911 5 Silver Reichmarks – Second Reich.

Third Reich Silver Reichsmarks, produced in the hundreds of millions.

Now there are some spurious “quotes” from biased books and poorly researched internet sites, that would like to promote the fallacy that the Third Reich had a purely Fiat paper currency backed by labour only, this is patently false as one can easily see. The Third Reich based their currency on Silver pegged to the Gold standard which was the basis of trade at the time, as it always had been since the foundation of Rome. In fact Adolf Hitler approved the move to increase the purity of Silver in the Reichsmark from .500 fine Silver to .900 fine Silver for the 5 Mark and .625 fine Silver for the 2 Mark, which was a brave and brilliant move. Silver currency was the stable basis on which German economic recovery during the Third Reich was built. With the uniform value now established Germany could trade to her advantage without fear of counterfeit of Jewish money control through currency debasement via Fiat. The Third Reich resisted all moves to devalue their currency through government Fiat, it was not until 1939, due to the Total War effort, that Silver Coin production ceased, for the reason that Silver was then used as Bullion bars and not released into circulation, also the Military required Silver for all types of uses from missile fuses to communications equipment. Silver became a Strategic asset during WWII as it is today. The Third Reichs use of Silver as a financial and alchemical weapon used against the Golden Hoard of world Jewry is one of the great mysteries of all time and it was as soon as the Silver Reichsmark was introduced by the Nazi’s with increased fineness and purity and linking it to the International Gold Standard insured them victory, they had discovered the secret lightning of Lucifer and wielding this they could defeat the Jewish Gold Money Power. It was for this reason that Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich were marked for destruction by International Jewry just as the Second Reich had been. 

All wealth in human society is based on Labour, how do we store Labour? we store Labour as our Roman ancestors did, with Silver and Gold. The Aristocracy always did this to preserve their wealth, as base metals corrupt and all else perishes, only the Noble elements preserve and store Labour for ever, future Generations of the Aristocracy inherited the preserved wealth of their ancestors via Silver and Gold, the base classes just ate their wealth, they filled their belly as that was their interest and concern to do so, there is nothing wrong with that, there are just workers with a full stomach who have no vision of the future, their only concern is the next meal which will replace the one they just ate, they eat by the sweat of their brow and have no concept of the future, or eternity. Much of their language, like Hebrew for example has no future tense, it’s merely based upon the limited perspective of the single view of the speaker in their present tense and environment. The Aryan Aristocrats have an eternal vision to match their eternal souls. so their language – Latin reflects this soul and their Labour is represented not by perishable food for the belly but has an ultimate noble and eternal incorruptible value that is stored in the element of Silver and Gold. The noble elements store Energy, there is no difference between stored Labour, Energy and Wealth, there is no distinction between the reserves or funds of this wealth. Labour or work itself is orderly motion against an opposing force, for work to be done in any system the motion must be uniform, doing work results in the uniform motion of atoms at a molecular level in the surrounding. Stored Wealth like Work and Labour must overcome entropy, it must overcome the opposing forces that break it down into disorder, entropy is disorder, doing work essentially opposes entropy, overcomes disorder. A reduction of entropy is when an ordered structure emerges i.e. a crystal forms, a plant grows, a human thought is conceived or a house is built – there is always a corresponding increase in entropy somewhere else, for a new order to come in there must be an increase in entropy/disorder somewhere else in the Universe, this is in accordance with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  

In Thermodynamics Law we denote a system’s capacity to perform work as Energy, again, the capacity for an ordered system to do work is called – Energy. How do we store energy? Energy is stored in everything, there is energy waiting to be transferred that is stored in a loaf of bread as there is energy stored in a silver coin, however the amount of potential energy in a Silver coin is vastly superior to a loaf of bread, it is incorruptible and can eternally overcome entropy, it can perform work against an opposing force and store vast amount of wealth, information and energy.  

Optimization is then applied to Silver in its ability to store and transfer wealth, heat, work, energy, information. The less Silver it takes to perform these functions then the more useful and more optimal Silver is, in fact more optimal than Gold now, because Silver is now more useful and rarer than Gold.  

Aryan currency has always been and always will be Silver, it is how we store wealth, it is how we optimally transfer energy, its how we overcome ravages of entropy, and it is how we will defeat the Golden Hoard of the Jews.  

Can you wield the Silver Lightning of Lucifer? The Secret fire of the Nazi Alchemists, that searched the darkness for perfection, the stones of darkness give thy Silver Vein! Try me in the depth by fire and forge a new order, with Elven Silver shirts to save us from the spear. Transmute these angelic powers to overcome base raw material, you that are raw material be overcome by the Venus Starlight, you that are base and raw and mere appetite will be overcome by the living spirit of Silver, her aurua – mercurius vitae! BREAK DOWN THE WILL OF THE ELDERS AND THE GOLDEN HOARD BANE!!!!  

8 responses to “V2 Silver Rockets & The Lightning of Lucifer. Part II.

  • Frai

    Great article!

    The coins of our future State will be made out of silver.
    Maybe you and Elysium should work together on the design of the future economy of our state.

    Kind regards from Germany

  • delendaestziobot

    Greetings Frai, thankyou for your comment, you are correct. Although we will not used minted coins only, Nano-Silver will be used optimally to store information within a silicon card, it will be used with Hemp to make clothing, solar cells need Silver and we need millons of them, Silver is an germ destroyer, kills all bacteria and viruses and is the best conductor of heat and electricity, batteries are now being made with minute traces of Silver, that makes them vastly superior to normal batteries, etc, etc.

    All Aryans who wish to have a place in the future state of Arya can begin now in an economic sense, which is really the science of Quality, by acquiring Silver and educating others on how Silver will be used as our currency. Now this is important “Currency”, when I say this I mean the transfer of Labour, Work, Wealth, they are all the same reserves, there is no distinction between stored Labour, Stored Work and Stored Wealth, they are all Energy waiting to be transferred, Silver transfers the Energy optimally. For example if I wanted to conduct Energy I would not want to use Polystyrene, its adiabatic, I would want diathermic material, this way I work optimally with the Laws of Nature and Science i.e. this process is governed principally by the ‘Zeroth Law’, the conducting of Energy towards equallibrium.

    We race against Time, We do not wait for the Heavens to turn, We do not wait upon the Stars to make up our minds, We do not wait for the Age to come. When I say “Providence” I mean prudent management of resources, I mean optimal yeild of provisions, that is Divine, that is what the Fuhrer meant.

    ‘No Fate’, we must create, world without end.

    Silver currency is already in action, simply exchange worthless Jewish funny debt notes for real Silver, and sell any Gold and buy Silver, we cannot compete with 30,000 tonnes of the Golden Hoard, let them have it, we be wise as serpents, we use the silver-light of our Lady to overcome it.

    Sieg Heil!

  • Elysium

    Interest article!

    I have seen other articles which have supported fiat, and which I have strongly agreed with. I will have to do more research about currency backing before I even try to further support fiat publicly (although, I still think it has far more advantages).

    I have said previously and maintain that economics is something which an Aryanist State should never be revolutionary about in its early years. Economics is based almost solely on PERCEPTION. The PERCEPTION of the economy affects confidence, which is the decider between recession and boom. Thus, anything outside of the norm (the dualism of the Washington Consensus and the European social-market) will, it is certain, offset any benefits which would be derived from such a change.

  • delendaestziobot

    Well, I think further research on the subject would serve you well, Elysium, I will add that ‘Fiat’, a ‘decree’ as the essence of value and quality is outside the norm inthe historical sense, its a 20th Century phenomenon for the most part. Our forefathers left Silver to perform optimally as a transfer of Energy, stored Energy is Work, it is Work waiting to be released. Fiat is a decree, a statement.

    Anyone should be able to mint money as Silver, it is just a perfect containment of Energy, there should be no restriction on minting Silver or Gold or Copper that is the norm throughout history, the value, the Work as stored Energy is condensed and weighed, it is measurement by the weight that accounts for uniformity and authenticity, all counterfeiting is thus eliminated. Also the ‘Quality’, which is the basis for true Economics – science of Quallity, is measured by entropy.

    I will write a part III, because this is involved, but basically ‘Quality’ is ultimately measured by entropy. Entropy is disorder; if matter and energy (stored work) is disordered like as in gas, than the entropy is said to be high, a crystal would be low in entropy, as energy and matter are stored in the crystal in an orderly manner. For example if I wanted to transfer Energy to someone by sneezing on them, than that would be very high entropy, very poor quality transferral of Energy, if I transfer Energy by handing them a bar of pure refined Silver, than that is very low entropy, all the Energy is contained in the Silver for practically eternity, the order is perfected.

    As soon as the Third Reich ceased Silver Reichsmark production due to War in 1939, counterfeiting became a problem once again. Basically the Jewish Central Banks run a sophisticated counterfeiting operation, and that is why Central Banking is a Marxist, or Rabbincal tenet. A central Bank with the sole right to counterfiet through their own decree is, well, counterfeiting. Now that is PERCEPTION, or rather lack of it, ILLUSION is our current form of ‘money’.

    The Jewish word for ‘Bank’ and where the English got their word for ‘Bank’ is from ‘Bench’ a bench at which a shifty Jew would sit and exchange items of value, which hold stored Energy, for a piece of paper which has high entropy and low value. Many have found this illusion to be quite profitable, its certainly tempting. a ‘Bankrupt’ was a broken bench, that was when Aryans would turn up and break and smash up all the benches, where the Jews conducted their illusion, that’s what a ‘Bankrupt’ is, its a ‘Broken Bench’…Nazi Germany was the last time the Bench Breakers came to town.

    Now, I will write a Part III next week, because there are a few things I need to expand upon.


  • Miecz Elizejski

    Terrific stuff, Kamerad! Many thanks for elaborating on my question.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    This might interest you, Kamerad

    Everyday I read something like that. Everyday I see what Judaized economics has done to the World. Everyday I appreciate the Nazis more and more!


  • aufihrhelden

    ‘The Jews stole our silver, gold and bread and left us with this filth instead.’
    – Imprinted onto a worthless Jewish paper bank note in order to convey a truthful message.

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