V2 Silver Rockets & The Lightning of Lucifer!

“Behold the morning star approaches Eos rises; he reflects in his glances the rays of the sun – he the pale death of the Saracens, Nicephorus the Ruler”

Looks like the international AGENTUR have misplaced their namesake. I like to refer back to this article where I mention the strategical importance of Silver Argentum in the battle against World Jewry money power. An ounce of Silver, physical Silver is like a bullet that one can use to fire into the head of the monster International Credit Banks. I wrote the article on the 12th August when Silver was trading at $17.95, today Silver closed at $21.46. This is just the beginning, soon Silver will unleash not just silver bullets into the decaying hearts of the Nations of the Judenstaat, but Silver V2 Rockets, aimed with deadly accuracy! It will be these Silver V2 Rockets that destroy the financial systems of the entire world. When the Bullion Banks lose control of the metal pits at the LBMA and COMEX, and Silver prices explode upwards, hundreds of thousands of short positions will be detonated, resulting in hundreds of billions worth of losses for the Bullion Banks who will in no way be able to cover without resorting to manipulation practices that already have been exposed and nullified. When the hundreds of millions of ounces are called upon for delivery with skyrocketing prices the Bullion Banks will in no way be able to deliver, for they have no Silver in sufficient quantity, they will default and be destroyed, signalling a global financial meltdown that will make the South Seas Stock Market Crash of 1720, look like an up-beat girl scouts picnic!

 The world Fiat money systems anchored by the US Federal Reserve the IMF and the BIS controls the entire World, that is the Jews only method of control. Recently I heard of some Jews who were jumping off the Israel ship, they were cunning enough to abandon the ship early because its going down, cannot be salvaged, it’s over for the State of Israel, only a matter of time, anything the Israeli’s try to do is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, Israel has smacked right into reality and reality is always going to win. So these Jews were jumping ship as Jews do, they are not known for their loyalty, and they wasted no time in utterly condemning the State of Israel, fully admitting to all its crimes and pleading guilty to all charges, as part of their defence they coughed up some truth, as Jews do in tight spot, they admitted the settlement of a Jewish homeland in Israel was not the main aim of Jewish Zionism, and that the actual aim was money power, control of the flow of money worldwide was the Jews aim and always had been. The turncoat Jews admitted freely that the state of Israel was nothing more than a stage show, something to make out that their counterfeit role in the Old Testament had some credibility, instead of just being a poor counterfeit written after the New Testament in an attempt to fool Christians, and it worked for a few hundred years, but it’s now getting stale, the cold hard bite of reality is sinking in, and even the Southern Baptist Ziobot Christians are finding it hard to digest the State of Israel these days! I think that the Israelis may come to regret building those 8m high concrete walls, high walls for defence can easily turn into prison walls, instead of keeping the enemy out the walls begin to keep you in! LOL…So these turncoat Jews willingly admitted that the State of Israel was finished – kaputski! And that International Jewry would not hesitate to abandon Israel for the sake of the Federal Reserve, that’s right, the Federal Reserve is the real ZION! That’s the holy mountain of God – the Federal Reserve in Washington DC, with Ben Shaloam Bernanke, the Time ‘Man of the Year’ presiding as High Priest. The IMF are scratching their heads, they have got no idea, the ‘Bilderbergers’, the Alex Jones ‘Bilderbergers’, well you could go and spit beer on them for fun and they wouldn’t know what to do, they’re useless. It’s salvage the US Dollar or nothing, drop everything, cut all loses, throw all you don’t need overboard, its save the US Dollar, save ZION, save America, GOD SAVE AMERICA! Because if the US Dollar fails, if High Priest Ben Bernanke cannot conjure some sweet magic one more time then the party is all over. High Priest Bernanke can do two things, he can switch the printing press on – or alternatively he can switch it off, two buttons, one OFF, one ON, that’s what he has in his magic bag of tricks, it’s not very complicated, QE, ‘Quantitive Easing’ is Orwellian for Printing Press ON, that’s when Benanke presses the ON button as opposed to the OFF button at the Federal Reserve. Anyway all this will be destroyed when the V2 Silver Rockets hit and Bernanke will just leave the ON button on permanently until homeless folks are using the U.S. Dollar for kindling fires on a cold night, we call this the ‘Robert Mugabe Economic Style’.

Israel will be thrown overboard, Yahweh must defend America, the true homeland of world Jewry. It’s for a very good reason that the American Fiat Bills have “In Yahweh We Trust” on them, because that is Yahweh’s Fiat, His almighty decree. – “I will command evils for the whole world” (Isaiah 13:11)! So the Lord Yahweh commanded evils for the whole world with His ‘Greenbacks’, and He thought as the Rabbi’s had dreamt, it would never end, only 2-3 generations and all will be MINE! That’s all,  just control the children for 2-3 generations and everything will be delivered into the hands of Jewry, and that was the way it was, all those born after 1945 were born into slavery, and they all would remain in slavery and as long as the Jew could maintain this for 2-3 generations, then their kingdom of Slavery would never cease, it would last for ever! Many despaired, many thought there was no hope, and imagined a boot stomping on the face of humanity forever, and they were not to far from reality.

There is something though that cannot be controlled, and it’s not Silver, its BLOOD! But this Blood, will alchemically choose Silver, and purchase it,  it will bind with Silver. The Blood, is purchased not with Gold but with Silver. The Jews ‘Power of Gold’ is defeated with Lucifer’s Power of Silver, the Morning Star of the magicians. Silver as Reflector of Fire, as the light of the moon reflects the light of the sun, so Silver reflects the image!

In 1836 German Chemist Justus Von Liebig developed the process of coating metallic Silver  – the mirror production process that is still used today. In Legend, giant mirrors were used to reflect the rays of the sun in the battle of Syracuse; “Archimedes burned up the whole Roman fleet. For by tilting a kind of mirror toward the sun, he concentrated the sun’s beam upon it, and owing to the thickness and smoothness of the mirror, he ignited the air from his beam & kindled a great flame, the whole of which he directed upon the ships that lay anchor in the path of the fire until he consumed them all.” Silver is the best conductor of heat – currents, movements and flow of energy!

In Greek Mythology, Perseus with the aid of a highly polished shield given to him by the Goddess of the Moon Athena, defeats Medusa, whose deadly gaze could turn men to stone. Perseus by watching Medusa’s reflection in the shield was able to cut off her head without directly looking at her. Silver is associated with Isis, all things flexible, creative, intelligent, rational, inventive, cool and patient. Silver is used for divination; the ‘Silver Basin’ of the Elf Queen Galadriel in LOTR, which Frodo looks into. Silver is the sixth chakra – ‘The Third Eye’, the internal exercise of self-analysis – Reflection. The ‘Silver Screen’ is used for reflection of the image as is photographic film used to capture the image.

In Jewish Mythology the price of the blood for the sacrificial victim was 30 pieces of Silver. The Goddess was the ‘Potter’ in the ‘Field of Blood’, the Jewish Temple where she receives 30 pieces of Silver for the victim’s blood. It is Silver that purchases the blood in the Field of Blood, the red clay is moistened with the victim’s blood so bought. Judas sells Jesus to the Potter for 30 pieces of Silver. 30 Silver moon nights are 30 pieces of Silver Lucifer Venus. The Morning Star betrayed for 30 pieces (degrees) of Silver night. Lucifer disappears to be born again in Springtime, 30 pieces of Silver representing 30 days of lunation.

If you want an idea of the value of Silver in the future, I will give you an example. Nano-Silver will be used to make garments for the Elite. Silver impregnated cotton, silk and hemp garments will replace crude animal skins and wool, the Silver garments will themselves never need to be replaced, because they will not wear, stain or soil, and the Silver garments will never require washing, the anti-bacterial property of Silver will defend the wearer from illness, as Silver literally destroys any harmful bacteria or viruses it comes in contact with. This Nano-Silver technology is already available and has entered the world of  high fashion, one square yard of cotton infused with the Nano-Silver solution is currently worth around $10,000! Silver could trade at $1000 per ounce, and it would not make the price of Nano-Silver any more expensive, such minute quantities of the metal are required that all industries would willingly pay in the thousands of dollars per ounce of Silver and not be adversely affected with their relevant costings. This is just one 21st application of Silver, with Nano-Silver the possibilities are endless. A new Age dawns, the dawn of the Fourth Reich, the Silver V2 Rockets will destroy Yahweh’s grip on the currency markets, and thus destroy the Jews only method of control – the US Dollar, the Jews will produce their vast stores of Gold via the BIS vaults to maintain control, but it will be Lucifer’s Silver that will capture the hearts and the minds of peoples of the Earth, this is the great occult war, the grand scheme of this dark and evil present age, that must pass, that will be destroyed, before Holy Lucifer can bring in a New Age and Fourth Reich.

Silver is the weapon of Lucifer, the lightning of Lucifer, can you wield the lightning bolts of Lucifer? The holy fire of Lucifer! HEIL HOLY LUCIFER!

11 responses to “V2 Silver Rockets & The Lightning of Lucifer!

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Sehr gut. Very interesting info about the economy and history. Funny, how silver was always made out to be ‘number 2’ to gold.

    Also, just one correction, Kamerad, the Jüdischeteufel conducting mass-manipulation ceremonies at the US FED is named Ben Bernanke. An ‘r’ in the middle there.

    • delendaestziobot

      Silver is now rarer than Gold, it’s about 1 oz of refined Silver to every 5 oz of refined Gold above ground, Silver in the Earth’s crust will be exhausted in approx. 20 years. The Jews have a massive store of Gold that never sees the light of day, Fort Knox was a nice pick up for them.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Didn’t the Third Reich have an economy with state issued currency that wasn’t based off of any precious metals, but rather a resource based economy and labor backed currency? That seems like a like logical release from the death-grip of international profiteers. And a way to eliminate greed in large. Work doesn’t equal just money, but work equals progress, though workers still get a fair wage.

    • delendaestziobot

      I was wondering when someone would ask this question, thankyou komerad.

      Now, I will write an in depth article later on this subject because it needs to be addressed. The truth is about opposite to what most imagine at the moment and the subject is difficult. But basically Adolf Hitler continued to reverse the hyperinflated PaperMark of the Wiemer Republic, wanting to restore the economic model of the Second Reich. Adolf Hitler insisted on an asset-backed currency to revitalize the Germany economy which ended up naturally settling into Silver. This had been reintroduced into Germany before he came to power.
      The Weimer socialist economist Georg Friedrich Knapp (The State Theory of Money 1924), constructed the Socialist monetary theory for Germany – Chartalism, which was lauded by Keynes in his 1930 ‘Treatise on Money’, this was the Jewish fiat system that caused the hyperinflation. This was the system that bankrupted Germany and the system that the Germans wanted to end, the marxist fiat system of the Jews, which is the same as what America has been on since 1913 more or less.

      Keynesian Economics is effectively “chartalism”, or the belief that only the State has the power to create and regulate money, this is the Marxist Jewish system for the goyim, and that all money comes from the State, meaning them, making the State the effective owner of everything in the economy – this is Jewish Fiat, Money Power! What we have today is the same as 1920’s Weimer Republic.

      The Third Reich produced millions and millions of Silver Reichsmarks, the Banknotes were simply backed by Silver or another asset of equal value, so it could be backed by anything of agreed value, this gave the Germany Economy strength, this system began in 1924 as the Papiermark crashed to practically zero. Later When the Third Reich Silver Reichsmark eventually replaced the worthless Papiermark of the The Weimer Republic, the exchange rate was 1 trillion Papiermark to 1 Silver Reichsmark. The Rentenmark was the interim currency which was backed by industrial and agricultural assets, the Reichsmark was also put on the international gold standard at the same rate that had previously been used by the Second Reich Goldmark. The German gold had been looted, but the Adolf Hitler still kept the Reichsmark on the gold standard but produced Silver coins, the Silver being obtained from outputs from other mines as Silver is primarily a byproduct of other mining.

      The Third Reich fixed the rate of exchange once they had a stabilized asset backed currency, they could then deal with their allies and decrease trade with their enemies, and of course with the currency then in their own power they could act accordingly and improvize as they saw fit, and it was for this reason above all else that Germany was marked for extermination by Interntional Jewry.

      This leaves most Economists and Historians today scratching their heads, because they only see things through the Left-Right paradigm – Communist-Capitalist. Protecting assets from Jewish theft through money devaluation is to them merely State intervention therefore Left and Communist/Socialist then they cannot help but notice how private industry flourished in the Third Reich so they see this as Adolf Hitler being favorable to Capitalist ‘freemarket’ economics, and then they are just totally confused, becuase they don’t understand the nature of Money.

      Interestingly the American Nazi’s were called “The Silver Shirts”.

    • Elysium

      I agree. Basing money on even silver (although better than gold) will subject it to the volatility of demand and supply in silver. While supply will be more or less constant if there is truly so little left, demand (particularly speculative) will cause needless volatility.

      While labour is much more complex, it is principally far superior to a precious metal.

  • delendaestziobot

    Greetings komerad Elysium,

    Essentially all wealth in society is based upon Labour. How do you store Labour? How do you condense Labour into an asset of uniform weight, that is still divideable and transferable, portable and cannot be counterfeited? The payment for Labour can be anything, it could be bread for example or eggs, however unless you eat you bread and eggs asset within a couple of weeks, they are no good, they have been devalued, you just lost your Labour payment. Any Paper is still a promise to pay with an asset, now an asset can be anything of agreed value.

    The Keynesian argument of Argentum being subject to rises and falls in supply and demand is a simple fallacy of the 20th Century. Supply and demand is an issue for consumable commodities. The Earth is almost all out of Silver, the supply is irrelevent with Wealth Storage, which is the Roman and Greek understanding of Silver, its not a commodity like grain or lead, it’s Currency and used for the Storage of human Labour in a Bank – ‘Argentaria’.

    Optimization is then applied to Silver in its ability to store and transfer wealth, heat, energy, information, etc. The less Silver it takes to perform these function then the more useful Silver is, the more optimal, in fact more optimal than Gold, because Silver is now rarer and more useful than Gold.

    There is a choice, you can barter perishables, use Fiat paper, or you can use Silver like the Third Reich, the Romans and the Greeks linking it to other noble elements like Gold, platinum, iridium, rhodium, palladium, mercury, osmium, ruthenium.

    We will have to make a choice but further discussion is needed.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Wow, very very interesting. As you may have guessed, economics is not my field! So much of of this is new to me, but thank you very much for your explaination.

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  • jalexandermaximilian

    Great article, and a most illuminating blog. Excellent. Excellent.

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